How To Redecorate Your Living Space To Promote Self-Care

Considering your bedroom is a place where you spend approximately 1/3 of your life (assuming you get your full eight hours of sleep a day), it’s crucial that it’s a place that promotes what’s best for you. This can be done through the colors around you, lighting, aromas, room layout, and decorations; however, I am going to focus on just a few of those aspects:

Let’s start with which room you should choose. Provided you can pick the actual location of your bedroom, it’s best to choose one facing the east to maximize the amount of natural light your room will have during the day.

Another factor that can assist in your mood and perception of the space is the color of your walls. There are some colors that may be more fitting for a bedroom than others, depending on what feelings you want to get out of being in your room. If you want to inspire and promote creativity, pink or lavender walls is a good route to go. Lavender is also a good choice to create a peaceful and relaxing setting, which blues and greens do as well. White walls can also be a beneficial choice for those who seek feelings of cleanliness and order, given that white promotes a certain kind of purity. It is also the best color to help enlarge your perception of a space and to help you feel a sense of openness.

Once you’ve got your room and your color picked out, where do you put your bed? According to the National Sleep Foundation, reducing the amount of time you’re in bed while not sleeping helps people to sleep better; in other words, you should try and eliminate any link between your sleeping environment (AKA your bed) and being awake. So, your bed should be positioned somewhere that won’t tempt you to do many activities other than sleeping. Often, this means not placing it right next to your desk (if you have one in your room) in order to keep work/other mentally stimulating activities and sleep separate.

Last tip? Plants, plants, PLANTS! There are many studies that suggest that plants and flowers can help to boost your mood, provide a calming atmosphere, and assist in memory and concentration. Overall, they have the potential to lower your stress levels. So, in order for your bedroom to be a healthy place for you to spend your time, you should take advantage of the possible benefits that come from being surrounded by nature.

What you choose to put in your bedroom is up to you. But there are basic steps you can take, such as the tips described above, to help create a healthy space that promotes self-care. Time to start redecorating! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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