In Another World, You Kissed Me Back

Milly Cope
Milly Cope

In another world, you kissed me back
I know that sounds like denial
I know it sounds pathetic
But in another world, your mother never taught you that your body was a house that needed constant renovations
She taught you that it was a home and that if the skin stretched out it was because you were filled to the brim with love
And in another world, you don’t use love from boys to make up for the fact that you don’t love yourself
Especially when those boys don’t love you the way they say they do
And they don’t love you like I do
In another world, you know that no one loves you like I do
And you don’t keep that hidden from everyone
You certainly don’t keep it hidden from yourself
And when I kiss you
You kiss me back
and your skin stretches
because you are filled to the brim with love Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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