5 Types Of Toxic Friends It’s Time To Kindly Rid Your Life Of

Embarking upon a journey within comes with countless revelations: realizations that would have never occurred without looking inward. These realizations can rock our world and bring about an entirely new mindset that questions what we thought we knew. It’s inspiring, blissful, and challenging at the same time.

The challenge of these revelations comes from giving up what we used to hold onto so tightly. That means things or people that we once kept close might take on an entirely new value in our lives, but dropping those things or people is not always an easy task.

As humans, our nature is to form attachments and to pursue a concept through all resources until we believe we have found the answer. On the legitimate opposite end, the spiritual journey teaches us that answers are always found within, and attachments to people can cause unhealthy emotions and emotional spirals where we find ourselves back in the same spot that caused us pain previously.

So, how do we stop these emotional spirals and start making a life that our soul is waiting for? One way is a cleansing for every cell of your body and soul, and that is choosing the right people to surround yourself with. This is not one of those cliché messages we’ve heard plenty of times such as “find good people to be around”, because yes that is the truth but that is not nearly specific enough to help us determine what that even means.

Figure out who the hell you’re spending time with and what their purpose is in your life. Stop letting the energy drainers and ego-feeders rain on your soul parade.

1. Energy Drainers

These are the people who CONSTANTLY leave you feeling emotionally drained because of their negativity. When you leave their company you feel like you had just transformed into a therapist and had to give your entire being to helping them cope. This is a beautiful thing that friends can do for each other when necessary, but when someone is constantly draining your energy, that is when it’s time to reevaluate if this is someone you still want in your life.

2. Party Pals

These are the people who you only hear from when it’s convenient to head out on the town together. If you’ve decided to stay in and do something way more productive and beneficial for your soul, they “ghost” on you. Be careful of this type of friend because when you do agree to go out with them, if you pay attention, it will feel unfulfilling and empty to be around them.

3. Sunshine-Only Friends

These are the friends who only show up when it is somehow benefitting them. For example, you’re having a fun get together or event and they want in. Or you know someone who they are interested in getting to know. This type of friend is also someone to be careful of because they can send out misleading positive vibes. In other words, it seems like they care about you but their good vibes are being sent out for self-serving purposes. Be mindful of not getting too attached to this type of friend.

4. Ego-Feeders

In spiritual terms, the ego is the part of us that fulfill our human desires. So these are the friends who persuade you to do things that aren’t aligned with what you know you should be doing. For example, the friends who constantly tell you to have “one more drink” after you’ve clearly expressed that you’re not feeling it or persuade you to laugh at or talk negatively about someone.

5. Judgmental Friends

These are the friends who seem to judge and/or envy any and everything that you do in your life. They seem to always find a downside to your triumphs and successes. These are also the friends who give you compliments and support as often as you see a unicorn trailing a rainbow.

When you leave the company of your friends, reflect on how you feel. Do you feel uplifted or drained? Did you feel like you were authentically you during the time you spent together or that you were putting on a façade? Answering these questions can help you to make the best decisions for surrounding yourself with only those who lift you higher.

Always having compassion for everyone you meet and sending them love is essential for our expansion, but sending compassion and love with a bit of distance in between is completely acceptable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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