10 Lessons I Have Learned In My Adult Life That I Wish I Would Have Learned A Lot Sooner

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1. Spend more time in nature and with animals than you spend with people. A dog really is man’s best friend.

Nature will not make you doubt yourself or feel out of place the way people will. Nature will not corrupt the beauty in your life, it will only add to it. And if you do spend time with animals I would make sure you get a dog at least once in your life, so that you may experience unconditional love.

2. Don’t fall into America’s trap of eating foods that are cheap but terrible for you.

Remember that good health is a gift and a privilege. We are all born without the flaw of poor eating habits. Treat your body well so that you may always have the happiness health can bring. And healthy whole foods can also be cheap, you just have to be willing to do your research and make a conscious effort to keep real and colorful foods in your diet. Farmers markets are great for purchasing inexpensive healthy foods.

3. Cherish books and the art of teaching yourself, over the politics of the schooling system.

Remember there isn’t anything in school that you couldn’t learn in a book. Do well in school so you have the luxury of going to new places, but never forget that you have the power to teach yourself anything you want to know.

4. If you ever do find yourself hurt or seriously injured, try not resort to prescription painkillers.

Your body is amazing at healing itself! It just takes time. If you are hurting look to natural and herbal remedies instead of buying into the horrible pharmaceutical corporations market. Prescription painkillers are addictive and one of the main reasons for this country’s horrible heroin epidemic.

5. Trust the feeling of belief in doing things that you are passionate about, for that may be where you find your faith.

Most of us are born into an organized religion, but you may never feel passion in a house of worship. Maybe you will and that is great! But do not limit yourself to the religious rules made by men trying to play God. Go out into the world and find where you feel that passion. Maybe you’ll find it when you look at the stars, or even within relationships or amongst other worldly experiences.

6. If you have a skill set or a hobby that may benefit the lives of other people, use it to your advantage.

If you have a trade or a hobby that you think you could make a living at, save the hundreds and thousands of dollars in college tuition and just go with your skill. Really, you will be ahead of the rest! And you will live a much more fulfilling life than those who are trying to get ahead in the rat race. If you can avoid student loans do so at all costs.

7. Look at people from the inside out and never judge them for their beliefs, sexual orientation or differences from you.

We were not put on this earth to judge each other, yet judging is a common characteristic of most people I know. Don’t feed into gossip and the contagious negative energy that people share. Remember that misery loves company but that is never a crowd you’d want to hang with.

8. Understand that most of the time adults are just as confused as children.

Once you can understand all people are all just winging it as they go, it will allow you to feel empathy and compassion for those who are older than you. Look to your elders for helpful wisdom rather than asking and expecting them to solve your problems.

9. Embrace the failures you will have and mistakes you will make.

These will be your greatest tools for learning how to navigate your life. All the times you make the wrong move, or consider yourself failing- know that these are eventually positives! Be proud of yourself for getting out there and trying.

10. Give Back.

The world owes you nothing, but through the act of giving we can find greater meaning within ourselves. Give back. Just do it. Little bits at a time or a lot at a time. Whether it is donating your clothes, feeding a homeless person on the street or writing a check, all forms of giving will make you feel rewarded and more complete of a person. It will make you feel like you are making a difference, even in the littlest of ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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