The Sex Dream She Had About You Last Night, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Alf Santos


The fearless Aries woman is full of energy and hungry for adventure, especially in the bedroom. She is insatiable. She doesn’t want but needs to spice up her sex life or she quickly finds herself bored. This doesn’t just include trying new things, but her biggest turn-ons come from spontaneity.

In her wildest sex dreams, she is doing it everywhere and anywhere.

Last night she laid in her bed feeling some type of way, thinking about all the other places she’d rather be doing it in next time she found your hands on her skin. Her kitchen countertops, her dining table, overlooking the street bent over on her balcony. She went to sleep thinking about all the people who would be able to see if they just looked out through their window or glanced up from the sidewalk below.

When you visited her in her dreams last night, you two were having a drink at the bar. In the dim, but crowded place, your hands found each other underneath the table. She moved your hand up her leg slowly, then further up, until it was beneath her skirt. You worked your fingers inside her panties. She pushed you further in and you both tried to keep straight faces. She was orgasming in plain view, holding back her moans so nobody could tell.

Hand in hand you walked out the bar. There was no Uber being called. You let her lead you further down the street. You both stopped in front of an alley. All the words that weren’t spoken were translated in the way you were looking at each other and the way she bit her bottom lip.

You pulled her into the alley and pushed her against the brick wall, her legs wrapped around your waist, your left hand in her hair, both of hers in yours, your right hand traveling up her inner thigh.

Anyone could have walked by at any minute but she didn’t care. She unzipped your jeans and took you in her hand, pushed her panties to the side and bit your lip like daring you to thrust into her. When you did, she wasn’t even quiet about it, she screamed, digging her nails into your back.


The Taurus woman is one of the most sensual creatures of the zodiac and she is all about aiming to please. But before getting there, nothing turns her on like your wooing of her and the little details you put into doing so.

The lover of luxury dreams about being pampered and spoiled, before acting as the pleasure-giver herself.

After an evening of being wined and dined in a dim lit French restaurant, she walked into the room of a boutique hotel with rose petals leading straight to the jacuzzi. No expense had been spared for the night or for her. There was a bottle of her favorite bubbly being chilled next to the tub. The room was only lit with her favorite scented candles. There was Miles Davis playing through the speakers.

In her dream, you traced a finger from the dip of her throat to her shoulder and told her she’s beautiful while pushing down the strap of her dress. She was being seduced. This is what gets her off. You both stripped down and got in the water, you didn’t stop seducing her there, you massaged all the knots and kinks out of her back, neck, and shoulders.

When you lead her out of the tub, you carefully dried her everywhere and wrapped a towel around her. Then you kissed her everywhere starting at her throat, moving to both sides of her clavicle, to her shoulder blades and back up her neck, and then down her spine, bending down and laying kisses on the back of her thighs. Then she was ready for it. Grabbing your tie, she walked you to the bed and told you to lay down. She blindfolded you. You told her you wanted to see her, she told you to shut up and let her give you what she wants.

She found all your special spots and learned what made you moan and tremble before climbing on top of you and giving you the most thrilling ride of your life.


Oh, little Miss Gemini. Yeah, this one is all about the dirty talk and the spanking, the trying new positions, and the gizmos and gadgets, and all those naughty little toys you could bring into the bedroom. She’s one that’s adaptable AND into some crazy shit. But with her dual nature, when it comes to illicit sex dreams, these aren’t the major things getting her off in the middle of the night.

The versatile Gemini wakes up sweating and quivering from ménage à trois dreams.

Miss Outgoing is down and equipped for double the trouble. She dreams about adding a third to the party, man or woman. She gets off on both, the idea of two someones catering to her, and being both, the participant and the spectator. Three’s a party, and she wants everybody to have fun.

In her most recent sex dream, the two of you were grabbing a drink. You caught her shooting a quick glance at a cute girl at the bar. “Do you think she’s attractive,” you asked. She told you she thought so and you asked her if she’d like it if you brought the girl over to talk to the two of you. “I’d be up for it,” she said, “but also up for him,” and pointed to a guy that eerily looked a lot like you.

She felt sympathetic about the look of shock on your face and thought to herself that maybe she’d build you up into having you watch her with another man. So she settled for the girl instead.

After a couple of hours of drinking and flirting, the two of them with each other, more so than with you, the three of you went back to her apartment. She poured everybody a drink and sat down between you and the pretty stranger. In the middle of conversation, she turned to you and leaned in and kissed you. When she pulled away she turned to the girl on her other side and kissed her too. A lot longer than she did you. Then she leaned back and told the two of you to kiss.

What came after is something she will fantasize about time and time again.


The Cancer woman is sensitive, lovey-dovey, and sweet, but she’s hiding a high sex drive full of thrills and surprises. She’s more physical than verbal when it comes to sex, and though soft, she will go out of her way to make sure her lover is having a phenomenal sexual experience. She tends to aim to fulfill fantasies in real life, so when it comes to her own, her fantasies become all about her. And while in real life she loves to be loved, treated like a princess, touched gently, and made love to slow and steady, when she fantasizes it’s the exact opposite. When she taps into her sexual deviance she sees images of rough sex.

In her sex dreams, she is being thrown around and used and spoken dirty to.

Last night she dreamt the two of you were on a boat out on the water. There were no lights around except for that of the stars and the moonlight, and the white Christmas lights arranged about the deck. The evening started just as she usually likes it. Romantic. Sweet. A lot of foreplay and cuddling. You were feeding her strawberries and kept topping off her champagne. She felt safe with you. Safe and comfortable enough for what came next.

When she suggested the two of you retire to the bed below deck, in her dream, you took a hold of her hair and pulled her closer to you, smashing your mouth against hers. Pulling back, you told her that she should stay quiet if she knew what was good for her.

You grabbed a hold of the collar of her shirt and then ripped it down the middle, sending buttons and its remains scattering around the floor. You unzipped her shorts and told her to get out of them and hand them to you, then you threw them overboard. Taking off your belt you told her to open her mouth, placed it there, then told her to bite down. You bent her over and made her grab onto the railing. Spanking her hard enough to leave a handprint, you said, “don’t scream, no matter how hard I go.”


This beautiful, ferocious lioness loves being the center of attention and feeling empowered.

Last night she dreamt you worshipped at her feet. Quite literally.

She was sitting on a couch, legs spread, no underwear, and you were on your knees begging her for a taste. Your hand landed on her knee as you unclasped your hands and she slapped it away. She spread her legs a little wider, told you that you could look but not touch, not yet.

You told her you’ve never stood before a more glorious sight. She gave you exactly 2 minutes to do what you wanted, but just with your mouth. She grabbed you by the hair and yanked your head back when those two minutes were up. You told her she’s the best goddamn thing you had ever had the pleasure of tasting, that you wouldn’t taste anything else again if it meant you could have her.

She told you to take off your clothes and pushed you onto the bed. She climbed on top of you and unleashed, she went wild with the rage of her ego, but not for you, it was only for her pleasure. In her dream she kept coming harder the louder you said her name. And she kept thinking how she couldn’t wait to grab the camera she had hidden in the room later and playback the tape.


In real life, she’s all put together and would probably berate you for the disorganized mess you left in the kitchen. Sometimes when she’s fantasizing her mind wanders to ordering you around and punishing you if you didn’t cross off everything from your to-do list. But then there are times she craves what she sometimes wishes she could dish out. Deep down, she secretly wants you to let her have it. There’s a part of her that just wants to lose control and take her hands off the steering wheel. While she typically prefers a gentler fashion when it comes to sex, and is thought to be on the prudish side, if you were to let this girl let loose and act out the scenarios she plays in her mind, you’d witness her freak colors fly.

In her sex dreams, she switches roles and becomes the bad girl. A very bad girl.

Last night she dreamed about being just that. She came into your office and made a mess out of your desk. She swept aside every paper and pen, everything came crashing to the floor, office supplies, book weights, the pictures on your desk. With a letter opener, she carved a line through your agenda and tossed it into the garbage bin. Then she sat on your chair and waited.

You walked in, looked at her sitting there, in latex, nonetheless, she was ready for this, she dressed up for this. You then looked at the mess she made and start rolling up your sleeves. “Did you do this,” you asked. She looked at you with a smirk on her face and answered yes. She told you that maybe she needed some disciplining. You instructed her to open the bottom drawer on the left side of your desk and then all you said was “pick.” And there they were, dildos of all shapes and sizes, a riding crop, a blindfold, handcuffs, rope, a spreader bar, nipple clamps, a plug, a whip, and so much more.

You sat down and told her to lay out her choices on the desk in front of you by size. Then you motioned for her to get closer, asked her to stand in front of you and bend over, her palms on the desk. You rubbed her ass in a slow, soft, motion and told her you would start out easy. With the first spank, she prepared herself by looking at the items spread in front of her.


This social butterfly is an expert in the art of seduction. Her wings sometimes leave her rarely satisfied when it comes to finding the perfect sexual partner, or rather fulfilling her sexual fantasy. She likes to experiment with sex and sometimes requires it to be cerebral, to evoke a feeling, to be kind of like art. Miss Libra sometimes fantasizes about foreplay that lasts for hours, refined places to have sex in, seduction games, and about promiscuity. The Libra woman has so much love to give and sometimes in the darkness of her mind this translates into tipping the scales and handling or admiring different bodies at once. In her fantasies, she satisfies her curiosities.

In her sex dreams, she frequents a lavish sex club.

And last night in her dream you were down. When you both walked in you basked in the bluish glow of the inside, and the pink opal shimmer coming off from the beautiful chandeliers. Everyone was beautiful. It looked like a hybrid of a masquerade, burlesque show, art museum and sex party. A hostess greeted you with a glass of champagne and mask for each.

Stepping in, it was a whole other world. There were big rooms and small rooms. Public rooms and private rooms. Rooms with one way mirrors to satisfy voyeuristic and exhibitionist tastes. Fine libations and food. Music. You walked through several rooms, danced, admired the shows in some. You indulged in some foreplay as if being there wasn’t enough.

Later on, you sat in a booth. There was a stage in the center surrounded by other booths. Some were watching the girl standing there being pleasured, some were too busy to pay attention. A couple approached the both of you. In her dream, the woman told her she was beautiful, she looked back at you, you told her it was okay. She kissed this woman, softly, both taking their time. You and the other man just sat there and watched. They then pulled away, and you exchanged pleasantries with the stranger, while she exchanged pleasantries with the woman’s date.

You all got up, knowing where you were headed.


The insatiable, sex-driven, power-hungry, dripping-in-sensuality Scorpio likes it hard and heavy. What fantasy hasn’t Miss Scorpio had? What fantasy hasn’t she acted on? What’s sure is that all of them are INTENSE and passionate. She likes flirting with the darker side and usually, her fantasies all involve power play. She aches to indulge in the world of dominance and submission. She craves to do both, inflict pain and receive pain. Bossy little Scorpio likes being in control and is extremely assertive, but she gets herself off to fantasies about being the perfect submissive as much as she does to fantasies of going extreme dominatrix on you. No matter who is wielding the whip, the one thing that is certain is that she wants it to hurt so good.

Last night her dreams were all about power exchange.

The both of you got your turns. Starting with you? Her?

She was dressed in a catsuit when she answered the door, she didn’t really even look at you or greet you. Walking back to the living room, she sat on the couch and ordered you to pour her a glass of wine. You stood there dumbfounded and she looked back at you and said, “I didn’t stutter. Don’t make me ask you twice.”

All you could muster was saying “okay.”

“Yes mam, you mean. Let’s try that again,” she said, running her fingers through the strands of a small riding crop.

Yes. Mam.

Setting it down on the coffee table in front of her, she looked at you like you should be afraid, and like you should be very, very excited. With that one look, you knew she would achieve what she wanted to and you’d be totally at her mercy. She ordered you to sit there as she got out of her get-up. Making you watch and not letting you touch. You were on your knees admiring every single inch of her. You put your hand on your hard-on out of reflex, and she dug her heel into your leg, bent down and slapped you across the face and said she hadn’t given you that kind of permission yet.

She said she was going to have to punish you now, as she sat in front of you naked and with her legs spread. “Look at what you could be doing if you hadn’t tried to rush,” she said as she slid her fingers inside of herself and made you watch and not touch. You couldn’t stand seeing her being so close, yet so unattainable. She slipped her fingers into her mouth and then said, “wouldn’t you love a taste.” She told you to beg.

And you did. She proceeded to unleash heaven and hell on you, with your hands tied up above your head so you couldn’t touch her. She came and rolled off of you and didn’t allow you the privilege of doing the same. When she untied your hands you flipped her onto her back and wrapped your hand around her throat. She tried saying your name, but looking into her eyes you said, “that’s Sir to you.”

You made her get off the bed and onto her knees. Sitting down across the room you told her to come to you. She made her way there on all fours.


Flirty, energetic, and curious Sagittarius. All she wants to do is play. And she likes playing anytime and anywhere. She gets really turned on by the unexpected. She also likes not just to be looked at, but to be seen. She craves a little mystery to her sexual escapades, as well. The thought of having an orgasm in front of a crowd in an unexpected place really gets her going.

When she dreamed about sex last night, it was all crowded places and remote control vibrators.

As the two of you got ready for an evening out, you bent down to her ankle and slowly made your way up her leg with your hands, you stopped just below the hemline of her dress and pulled out a vibrator from your pocket. You told her to widen her stance, pushing her panties past her hips, down to her knees, and all the way to the floor, you gently pushed the vibrator inside her. You stood up and showed her a little remote you’d be carrying for the night. The two of you headed out, a pair of underwear short.

She was excited all throughout appetizers and drinks, by the time the entrees cleared away, still, there was nothing. By the time dessert came to the table, she had forgotten all about it. Just then she felt it come roaring to life inside her. Slow at first, then stronger and faster. She grabbed onto the edge of her seat, bit her lip, trying not to give herself away. And just when she was close, you turned it off, looked at her and winked.

This is how you spent all of the night. From bar to bar, teasing her, making her orgasm in public places, withholding in others.


Capricorns tend to live by the book and lead structured, ordered lives. They usually are always planning for things and keep a typical routine. They like to be in control and don’t typically enjoy losing it. But forget what you heard, when this girl lets her hair down and lets loose, she’s a freak like no other. She wants to let go. Lose control. She thinks about getting out of her head and away from her responsibilities. She fantasizes about being someone else. She’s usually in control, but sometimes she wants to hand it over to somebody else.

In her sex dreams, there’s a whole lot of role-playing, bondage, and submissiveness.

Last night in her dreams she was the starlet intern featuring CEO you. Inside the dream itself you were role-playing, she even made you wear a suit, and she was wearing her sexiest office clothes, glasses and all. There were a lot of expectations and demands on your part. Her performance was poor. *Wink, Wink*. You had to give her a warning and reprimand her, she had to know this kind of lacking work was unacceptable.

You asked her what she had to say for herself, and with a tiny attitude, she replied, “nothing,” and rolled her eyes. So when you spanked her, you couldn’t be blamed for not restraining yourself and doing it as hard as you did. When she tried walking away from you, you pushed her onto your desk before she even had a chance to take two steps.

Forcing her legs apart, you restrained each ankle to opposite corners of the desk with some cuffs. And there she laid, unable to move and at your mercy.


The Aquarius woman exudes originality and creativity. She is an innovator and inventor. She is forever curious. It’s like she likes new experiences and she looks at them the way a scientist would look at a rat in a lab. She is anything but conventional, and often times eccentric. The kind of sex she likes is erotic. And she likes getting out of her comfort zone in the bedroom and experimenting. It is all about the unpredictability and trying new things for her. She wants to try pretty much all.

Last night she had a dream she finally tried anal.

The two of you were having a night just like any other. The foreplay started out just like usual. The two of you were making out with her straddling you. She took off her shirt and her bra, put yours over your head and continued kissing you.

You set her down on the bed unbuttoning her jeans. She laid back and you started going down on her. While your tongue game was great, she thought that the most exciting thing about this was the fact that her blinds were open, willing for someone across at the other building to look your way.

Coming up for air, you started using your fingers on her. Then you went down a little lower, pushing your thumb on that zone. Just that gentle nudge, just that thought, send her into overdrive. You both looked at each other and without a word, in the air between you laid the answer. She pulled out her bottle of massage oil and lube and threw it at you and told you there was no time like the present.

You kissed her all over, made her relax and loosen up. Used your fingers everywhere to get her ready. Once she was, you laid a pillow out for knees and one for her hands. Slowly, gently, you made your way in, letting her becomes accustomed to the feeling. You worked clitoral magic with your right hand before slipping in with your fingers. She never knew it could feel so good to have you two places at once.


The Pisces woman is creative, passionate, and sensitive. She’s the most emotive of the zodiac signs. She is also a people pleaser and a dreaming idealist about sex. The Pisces woman tends to live in her own fantasy world and has a limitless imagination. When she fantasizes about sex there is always passion, sensuality, always feelings being evoked, and sometimes even her fantasies are a bit artistic. She wants to be aroused and have all her senses awakened before giving you the most sensual night of your life.

In her sex dreams, you read poetry to her.

Last night she dreamt the two of you were alone in the living room, the lights were off, and there were candles lit everywhere. You were enjoying a bottle of her favorite wine and had just gotten done eating the dinner you cooked for her.

She was laying in your arms as you were feeding her dessert. She was indulging in the rich taste, closing her eyes and losing herself in the music that was playing. The two of you didn’t want the night to end. So instead of blowing out the candles and turning on the tv, you started reading her Pablo Neruda poetry. You hadn’t even touched her yet, and already she was having one of the single most erotic experiences of her life.

Immersing herself in the whole ambiance of the evening, she slowly started taking off her clothes. Naked, she just laid there with her eyes closed listening to you read. She started touching herself and asked you not to stop until she came. She did.

The two of you then had the most passionate night on that living room rug. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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