Date A Girl Who Watches Horror Movies

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She is most definitely no basic bitch.

This girl is all originality. She may be a little bit weird, but it’s the kind you’ll find cute, hot, even. A turn on. The kind that can be described as different and mean a good thing.

She’s read up on so much true crime it could make your brain explode. She’s knowledgeable about the dark side of history. She is well informed on matters your average chick’s never heard of. You’d take a look at her browser history and just ask how. Seriously, somehow it went from the IMDB page for the Finnish horror flick Lake Bodom, to the true events that inspired it in the 60’s, to JonBenét Ramsey, to creepy unsolved murder mysteries, to the lost Roanoke Colony, to how the California Gold Rush created a bounty on Native American body parts, to eugenics experiments during the Holocaust, to the effects on the brain on DMT, to spiritual DMT experiences, to aliens.

Yes, she’s different. Maybe not for your typical guy. But don’t you want to get to know someone who isn’t average? What’s always sure, is that having a conversation with her is a breath of fresh air. Much like her browsing history, if there’s anything this girl isn’t it’s predictable.

You won’t find yourself bored with her. She likes walking on the precipice. She is addicted to that thrill. She’s not afraid to try new things. Many of these will be with you. She may even take you out of your comfort zone and make you discover new things about yourself.

She has this gnawing curiosity for things most people don’t. It’s intriguing. She’s fascinated with all that is rare. Even a little bit with the occult. Don’t let this put you off. Think of it as her being able to gaze into the depths of all kinds of facets of the human psyche.

In fact, this is something she spends time meditating on, the human psyche. She won’t just want to get to know who you are, but she’ll have this desire to learn why you are who you are. Why what makes you tick makes you tick. She’ll take her time discovering what gets you off and do it so intimately. She’ll want to reach in and dig into those unlit places of your being nobody else has seen.

She’s into flicks about serial killers. So, what? She wasn’t just into watching Norman Bates’s murderous psychotic antics, she understands why he was one crazy son of a bitch (I don’t mean literally).

A girl who loves horror films understands art on a level other people don’t. She can appreciate what goes overlooked in many aspects of life. This is because she finds beauty in the uncommon and even in darkness. Her perspective isn’t just fresh, it’s a gem. You’ll never look at life the same way after seeing it through her eyes.

Yeah, she’s obsessed with movies about demons, murder, serial killers and ghosts. So, what? She’s not a gal who is easily shaken. She’s brave. In fact, she’s even cautious. All those hours of her life she has spent watching horror flicks has made her even more so. She spends a lot of time thinking about how she would react in the face of fear or danger. This girl has instincts. She is hyperaware. She’s not your typical little damsel in distress and you’ll love her all the more for it.

Anytime she kicks back in front of the television, popcorn on her lap, a glass of wine in her hand, a scary movie on, she’s participating in an exercise of power. She is choosing fear and controlling it.

She is inspired by strong female leads who outsmart the killer. She understands that for every female victim there is a female fighter. And she likes to win. She’s driven, ambitious, and takes risks.

She is the most self-sufficient, independent, fearless kind of woman there is. This is exactly how she will be in your relationship. She won’t be afraid to take a risk with you. And believe she will speak up. She may be careful, but she’ll let you in. She’ll be glad to have your support and she will appreciate it, but she knows she can get by on her own. She’ll love the time she spends with you and understands when you both need a bit of space.

She’s courageous, spontaneous, and sometimes even a bit of a hedonist. This girl is fun. She’s all in for the ride. She’s addicted to the rush, to that shot of adrenaline, she’ll make sure you feel it too. Buckle up. You’re in for the ride of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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