Artist Series: How To Change Your Eye Color In Photos with Natalia Seth

In this series, we profile artists we love by asking them to share tips, advice, or tutorials that reveal some aspect of their craft.

Today, surreal photographer and artist Natalia Seth will share how she changes her eye color, often with other-worldly results, in her photographs.

This tutorial requires Photoshop.

Sometimes you want to see how you’d look with a different eye color, but those colored contacts ads you keep seeing pop on your feed seem sketchy. Here’s how to realistically change your eye color, without danger to your eye or cost to your wallet!

Step 1: Create a curves adjustment layer and pull the point REALLY high—until it looks like a UFO beamed down and is about to abduct you. Then invert your mask with “CMD + I” for Mac and “Ctrl+I” for PC.

Step 2: Paint your iris on your mask with white and a soft-edged brush tool. If you make a mistake, switch the paint color to black and erase.

Note: Make sure to leave a hole in the middle for your pupil…you still need to be able to see! You can change the size of your pupil depending on how much of the iris you paint on.

Step 3: Create a “Solid Color” layer, pick the color you’d like your eye to be, and set it to blending mode: “Soft Light”. Invert your mask!

Step 4: With the brush tool, paint on your mask with white and a soft-edged brush tool. The iris color will start to appear!

Step 5: Create another “Solid Color” layer, and pick a darker color of the same shade to paint on the inside. Set it to blending mode “Multiply.”

Step 6: Grab your brush tool and paint scribbles that look like sun rays☀️.

Step 7: Go to Filter—>Gaussian Blur—>and blur it until it looks natural.

Step 8: Adjust opacity and you’re done! You can keep adding different colors to add dimension and make it as detailed as you please!

That’s it! You can now view the world through different lenses. Enjoy your new eye color (: