We Each Have A Galaxy Inside Us, And No One Can Take That Magic Away

A woman making large bubbles while walking down the street.
Joshua Reddekopp / Unsplash

We need to learn to stop comparing ourselves to others.

We need to learn to stop feeling inadequate or incomplete in relation to their achievements, their success, their love.

We need to learn to recognize that the beauty of another, does not mean the absence of our own.

We need to learn to unlearn this belief that if your life doesn’t look like the person’s next to you, we’re doing it wrong.

People are simply too unique, too separated, too different to allow for any sort of comparison, to allow for any sort of cross-judgment.

Our journey is too unique, our path is too unique, we are too unique, to mean we’ve succumbed to any kind of ‘failure’, in the light of another’s success.

Someone else’s success does not mean our defeat.

Just as someone else’s defeat, does not mean our success.

We need to focus on ourselves, not others. Our life, not our friends. Our love, not our partners. Our world, not the world.

We need to take all of this focus and all of this energy that we’re directing outwards and turn it inwards.

We need to ask ourselves- what kind of person do I want to be? What kind of life do I want to live? Am I doing all I can to achieve this? Am I happy? Am I healthy? Am I proud?

What am I here to be in this lifetime?

And live, and love, and be accordingly.

We need to recognize that we are a force within ourselves, a beauty within ourselves. There is a world inside of us. A universe, a galaxy, a constellation of stars. We are stardust. Literal magic. We are stronger than we feel. More powerful than we know.

And no one, no matter how accomplished, beautiful or well off they are or seem, can take away from this. TC mark

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