In 2018, I Challenge You To Love More

A woman in black eyeliner looks upward and smiles with her hands in her hair
Marcelo Matarazzo / Unsplash

I challenge you

to rise up and deepen yourself;

to find comfort 

in the discomfort 


in the fear 


In the chaos.

I challenge you

to breathe in

1, 2, 3

and out


expelling stagnant air.

I challenge you

to let go of what once was

to embrace

what may be

to be present



and unapologetically

in this moment

in every moment.

I challenge you

to love life

as if it were all you knew how

and to watch in awe

as it loves you back.

I challenge you

to love more

and to want less

to let go of that which

no longer serves you

to be content

to be happy

with what it is you have

exactly as it is.

I challenge you

to master the art

of letting go

knowing things and people

are not ours to keep

that moments

and feelings

as magical

as they are

are temporary

that the only heart

you should ever need

is the one that beats

just for you.

I challenge you

to stop

to think

to wonder

and to question;

Am I happy?

Am I healthy?

Am I proud?

And to be honest

in your answers

to be honest with yourself.

I challenge you

to fall in love with yourself

to fall hard

and fast

the kind of love they write songs about

to truly



love yourself.

The way you so desperately crave.

The way you have always deserved.

I challenge you to stand tall


and defiant

against any one thing

against any one being

that tries to tear you down

knowing you are a force

to be reckoned with

like waves crashing down

you are a tsunami

a warrior.

I challenge you to do better.

I challenge you to be better.

But most of all,

I challenge you

to come alive

to find your passion

to listen to your dreams

and to give them life

so you can nurture yours too. TC mark

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