You’re Beautiful As You Are So Stop Comparing Yourself To Everybody Else

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Ilya Yakover

You are amazing.
You are gorgeous
You are worthy.
You are funny.
You are sexy.
You are inspiring.
You are ambitious.
You are funny.
You are positive.
You are glowing.
You are sparky.
You are absolutely perfect, exactly as you are.

Right now.

I have spent far too many nights comparing myself.

To other entrepreneurs, to other girls, to boyfriends’ exes, to ex-boyfriends’ latest, to peers.

To everything.

I have spent far too much time wondering why I’m not like them, or why I don’t look like them, or why I’m not as funny as them or as beautiful as them.

But, here’s the thing: You’re never going to be anybody but you. You cannot and definitely should not ever, not for a single second, entertain the thought that you are not worthy.

Because every single inch of you is worthy beyond comparison.

So now it’s time you better start to believe it, because you are stuck with you for the rest of your life. It’s time that you start to love yourself. Love who you are, and if you don’t know who that, is learn who you are.

Forgive yourself for all of your mistake and your wrongs and your imperfections and flaws, but also understand that these are what make you who you are.

You are so perfect. Right now. Who you are. Standing in that mirror. You are perfect.

Instead of seeing all the things that you hate when you get ready, why not focus on all of the things that make you feel beautiful?

You love your hair today? Celebrate it.
You love your outfit today? Celebrate it.
Perfectly winged eyeliner? Celebrate it.

Notice these things. Don’t pay attention to the things that make you feel bad.

Because here is how the universe works. What you focus on expands. So if you’re focusing on not being as funny, as being as beautiful or amazing as someone else, you’re going to find that lack of mentality will haunt you in more ways.

If you focus on the beautiful, you’re going to get more of the beautiful feelings. I promise you.

Comparing yourself has never got you anywhere, up to now. Try loving yourself instead. Show yourself more love than you have ever shown yourself.

You are perfect. Right now. Right this very second.

You are here for a reason, it’s not by chance that you’re here when you only had one in 400 million chance of becoming a human.

One day, your heart just started beating.

You didn’t even have a body. Your heart just started beating. You are a miracle.

You didn’t have to do anything to be here, you didn’t have to win a competition, you didn’t have to prove yourself to anyone or anything because chance decided that you are already good enough and that definitely counts for something.

Stop trying to prove your worth by means of comparison. There is no competition, and nobody compares to you. You are already worthy because you are here on this planet right now.

You can’t run away from yourself and you sure as hell can’t be someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Natacha is a coach and entrepreneur and has had an active role in the personal development field for six years.

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