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This Is My Perspective On Privilege As A White Woman

Examining privilege is not a means by which to seek out a figure for blame; examining privilege is a means by which we can examine the disparities between people, learn from these disparities, and implement change accordingly.

The Yearbook, And What Actually Matters In High School

There was an old yearbook and football helmet on a table that was set off to one side of the foyer. Both the yearbook and the helmet had seen better days; the two were discolored and a bit tattered, but admired all the same.

Lesbian Mom Jeans

Never had I invested so much energy in examining the subliminal messaging which onlookers feel the need to extract from an outfit.

A Cynic’s Take On Romantic Comedies

Even still I will subject myself to emotional upheaval for hours on end in order to fulfill some need to prove that love does exist, albeit in a totally scripted alternate universe where everyone is strangely attractive and no one ever seems to wake up with morning breath.