30 Things I Would Tell My 21-Year-Old Self


Attempting to impart some knowledge at the ripe young age of twenty-five may indeed seem a bit gauche…à la Not That Kind of Girl, perhaps. (Though, in all fairness, LD was 28). But truthfully, I’ve learned more about myself since twenty-one than I have in all of my other years combined. While those four years are incredibly crucial in terms of growth and opportunity, we tend to attach way too much importance to the decisions we make during this time. We waste time worrying and analyzing and stressing over things that simply won’t matter in a year or five. Gaining some perspective can be really helpful. So take some advice from a not-much-older-but-indubitably much-wiser twenty-five-year-old. Take a step back, trust yourself, and try to appreciate how much time you really have.

30 Things I Would Tell My 21-Year-Old Self

1. Your happiness is everything.

2. New friends can be equally as important as old friends.

3. Put the hair dye down.

4. Wake up early. It’s the best part of your day.

5. Your body belongs to no one but you.

6. We’re put here to learn lessons. Pay attention.

7. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

8. Do shit that scares you every single day.

9. Don’t rush things. Be patient.

10. Woody Allen isn’t as great as you think he is.

11. Mothers aren’t right about everything.

12. But they’re right about a lot of things.

13. Leave your eyebrows alone.

14. Not everyone’s path is the same.

15. Ask for help.

16. Stop drinking coffee. Start drinking tea.

17. Wait a week to buy it. You probably won’t want to.

18. Spirituality, meditation, religion, yoga – whatever it is – listen to your soul and do it.

19. If you’re lucky enough to have a sibling, you will never be alone.

20. Spend money on experiences, not possessions.

21. Trust your instincts. If you’re uncomfortable in any situation, leave.

22. Put yourself first. Not doing so is a disservice to everyone you love.

23. Your hair will grow back. Again, be patient.

24. If your relationship isn’t working after 6 months, it’s probably not going to.

25. It’s your life. Not your parents’.

26. ​Productivity is much more difficult without true passion.

27. Take the trip abroad. Put it on your credit card if you have to.

28. But cut up your credit card afterwards.

29. Your early twenties are really fucking hard.

30. I promise you: it gets much, much better, darling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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