10 Promises You Need to Make To Yourself To Live A Full Life

 Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Cai

To live a full life is something that we all wish for ourselves. We want to be happy, to feel accomplished and to see our dreams coming trough. But how can we achieve it?

There are many ways to get there, but one of the most effective of them is to make some decisions and stick to them no matter what. So here are the 10 promises that you should start with if you want to improve your life from now on.

1. I will live in the present

Worrying about what might happen, or holding grudges won’t help you to feel happier. Of course, it is important to learn with our mistakes, so that we won’t repeat them. It is also a good idea to plan our future. But all of this should be done in a productive way and with the view of some kind of improvement. Besides it, it is all about the present.

2. I will honor my body

We only have one body to use for our entire life. And yet we take it for granted, eating and drinking whatever pleases us, even when we know that we will feel sick after doing it. We don’t exercise as often as we should, instead spending long hours in front of our computers, so then we can move later to our TVs. And as we get older, we are surprised by the effects of our lifestyle to our bodies.

3. I will love myself

Loving ourselves is the only way to live a full life. If we don’t like who we are, and yet we can’t break up with ourselves, how can we be happy? Note: by loving ourselves, we are here talking about self-respect, setting boundaries, and doing what we really want to do as often as possible.

4. I won’t let fear stop me

In many stages and situations, we know exactly what we need to do to achieve our goals, but we prefer to let fear consume us instead. That is to say that it isn’t lack of skills, money, or networking that make us fail, but our ability to sabotage our happiness.

5. I will not leave the power in someone else’s hands

When we think that we can only be happy when we get married, have kids, get that job, buy a house, etc, we are giving away our power to someone or something else. We are saying that we need an external thing to ensure us a full life. But it will only lead to anxiety and unlimited fear, two things that don’t get along with happiness.

6. I will let it go

Learning to forgive is another requirement to feel accomplished in life, as it is important to learn to see the facts from a different viewpoint. And by letting our pain go, we can move on from a bad relationship, quit that stressful job, and make a profound life change that will make us much happier.

7. I will show gratitude every day

By demonstrating daily gratitude, we can start realizing all good things that we already have. The suggestion here is that you make of it a morning or evening (or both) exercise, so you can identify and express your gratitude towards what matters to you –  and then that you can feel and understand that our life is already special.

8. I will not procrastinate

Procrastination never helped anybody to achieve anything. If something is important to us, we should make time for it, no excuses. Fear of failure and self-indulgence are two of the most famous causes of this kind of behaviour that you should keep away from your life.

9. I will always improve myself

Always focus on how you can improve your life and never call yourself a lost cause. Some old habits die hard, but they still do. Believe in your potential and in your ability to deal with your emotional challenges on every step of the way.

10. I will be kind to other people

And last but not least, you should always exercise your ability to be kind to other people. Here it is possible to offer from a simple smile to full-time volunteering, it is up to you. But socializing and making the difference is a great way to live a full life.

To Sum Up

If you wish to live a full life, you will need to make some promises to  yourself and make them happen. You must deal with your fear, your past, your complexes and transform it all into something positive. So then you can be happy in any way you might wish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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