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6 Problems With Dating White People

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A Mexican Japanese Girl’s Experience

1. You have to be better to be considered equal.

It’s painfully obvious that upon first impression everyone thinks that I’m dating up. In fact, if it weren’t for my Ivy League Education and superior job prospects I’m not sure that people would ever be able to see us as equals. Yeah, I’m almost positive that if I were the one failing out of a mid-tier state school that people would be asking him to reconsider his decision to be with me.

2. After 50, they will look older and more wrinkled than you.

White people age poorly. While they’ve been able to milk this world’s Eurocentric ideas of beauty they do not get to escape the fact that their pale skin will wrinkle more quickly than that of their colored counterparts. If you’re interested in growing old with a White person, this makes it hard to be a good-looking couple into old age.

3. They will not understand or sympathize with your family’s immigrant struggle.

I was once telling my boyfriend about how my mom’s family came over from Mexico when she was eight. I explained how my grandma was a housekeeper and my grandpa worked a factory job and how they narrowly escaped homelessness during their first year in the States. He responded by telling me that his grandpa worked two professional jobs to get his aunt through private school. All struggles aren’t made equal and that’s apparently not something that they teach in the single narrative that is this country’s history.

4. Republicans.


5. Your ½ ethnic, ½ White kids will be ethnic.

White genes are recessive. If my boyfriend and I were to procreate, our kids would be ½ White, ¼ Mexican, and ¼ Japanese and they’d still come out looking mostly Asian. This becomes a problem when your kids have to think about race and all of the things that come with being ethnic and one of the people raising them is unaware of such struggles or of the fact that there are people in the world who thoughtfully consider race at all.

6. Your family and your ethnic community will feel left behind.

By dating a White guy, my community feels as though I’ve let me education and current socioeconomic standing get the best of me. I equate this to what it would be like for a poor, Communist to come into a lot of money and then suddenly become a member of the Tea Party. I feel as though I owe it to my Asian and Hispanic brethren, to date another minority and therefore contribute to the pool of educated, middle class people of color in America.TC mark

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