This Is What Happens When You Fall In Love With The Nice Guy

When you fall for the nice guy he will go out of his way to make you smile. He’ll drive through traffic to join you for family night dinner. He’ll bring you lunch on his day off. He’ll sing perfectly off key to a cheesy love song to keep you from crying.

When you fall for the nice guy you will always be aware of his kindness. The way he drops everything to help a friend in need. The way it’s his goal to have every waiter, cashier, and salesperson feel appreciated and respected. The way he researches and plans to make holidays, birthdays, and vacations everything you could ever want and more.

When you fall for the nice guy you’ll get confused. You’ll wonder why he feels the need to talk about the charity and beauty of other girls. You’ll analyze your importance to him when he leaves you to care for someone in distress. You’ll question if he truly loves you or if his sweet demeanor has fooled you.

When you fall for the nice guy you’ll become the worst version of yourself. You’ll get jealous and act petty. You’ll wish that he were just as selfish about spending time with you as you were about him. You’ll grow to sometimes really despise the generosity that made you fall for him.

When you fall for the nice guy you’ll learn he needs you. He needs you to excuse him when he’s exhausted. He needs you to be okay with being a supporting character in his life. He needs you to remind him how truly good he is to everyone by being good to him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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