15 Struggles Nocturnal People Face


1. You want to sleep at night. You really do. No one enjoys lying awake in bed for hours wondering when and if the sun is ever going to rise.

2. It takes 10x more energy for you than other people to function normally when the sun is out.

3. Thus you are perpetually tired.

4. It’s 2AM and you need food.

5. And by food you mean chicken wings and donuts. The struggle.

6. You are certain you would have gotten significantly higher scores on tests if they were at night instead of 8AM. I mean, being awake at 8AM is when you most often question the meaning of life.

7. When other people have lunch, you have breakfast.

8. Your neighbors have told you to “keep it down” multiple times.

9. At night, emotions get real. This often leads to saying, doing, and thinking things that you wake up regretting or not remembering.

10. It can get lonely being the only one awake when the world is asleep.

11. Pulling an all-nighter is child’s play. Sometimes you do it just because.

12. Dark circles under your eyes are a familiar sight.

13. During the day, you really just want to stay at home, lounge around, and watch Netflix.

14. Your productivity levels exponentially increase with the setting sun. People wonder why you are emailing them at 4 in the morning.

15. It was okay to stay up late in college when your earliest class was at 1PM, but now that you need to wake up at 6AM for your 8-hour workday, you realize you should rethink your life choices. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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