10 Struggles Of Being An Introvert With Extrovert Tendencies


1. You seek the company of people but tend to not interact with them. Sometimes you invite friends over simply to have them there, leaving them to wonder why you invited them over in the first place.

2. You are good at making small talk with strangers, but often zone out when chatting with friends.

3. You want to be apart of group activities but you will never plan them. Instead you push ideas onto your friends until they happen.

4. It’s difficult for you to keep up online conversations, but you keep initiating them anyways.

5. You spend a lot of time with your thoughts when you are alone, but say things without thinking when you’re with others.

6. Being around people does drain your energy but in a good way. Being alone for lengthy periods of time makes you anxious.

7. Actually, you get along very well with more mellow, laid-back people and would prefer their company over spending time alone.

8. People often say you are “shy” and “quiet” which bugs you even though you know it’s true. Before coming to terms with being whatever an “introvert” is, there were times when you tried to make yourself more outgoing and sociable.

9. You love listening and talking to your friends about their lives- their struggles, successes, and whatever they’re going through. But you won’t get involved and would rather let them fight their own battles.

10. You truly treasure your relationships and friendships, but just have a hard time showing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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