Stop Trying To Fall In Love, And Start Loving


The word “love” is more often than not, associated with diamond rings, dreamy kisses, and Cupid’s notorious bow shooting around a myriad of fiery arrows. We see it on TV, we read about it in books—when two worlds collide and romantic feelings spring forth—and dub such as what “love” looks like.

That is why so many people believe they can’t find love.

Love is so much more than the emotions we experience for our partners. It is so much more than the secret moments shared, the handwritten letters, or even the triumph of your big wedding day.

Don’t wait. Don’t lock up your heart—your compassion, your patience, and your forgiveness, preserving it just for “the one”. Yes, there is a certain degree of intimacy we should save for our future spouses, but our capacity to love extends far beyond a single person. Love now.

Your family and friends need your love. Whether it is in the form of handwritten letters, secret moments shared, or inviting them to your big wedding day. The homeless man on the street needs your love, perhaps through prayer or a few spare coins. The widow working a few cubicles away needs your love, maybe through lending an ear to listen. You get my point.

Love requires vulnerability, intentionality, and energy, but love is not dictated solely by romantic relationships. We need to learn to exercise love, and to understand that we are loved, on a regular basis, because we have more than enough to give. So stop trying, stop waiting to fall in love, and start loving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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