10 Unspoken Rules Of Having A Roommate

New Girl: Season 2
New Girl: Season 2

1. You don’t have to be best buddies, but at least play nice. Since you will be physically near this person for a good majority of your time, it’s in your best interest to get along with them. Even if they aren’t the sort of person you’d freely hang out with, at least make an effort to get to know them- their name, where they’re from, their hobbies and interests. Be courteous.

2. Use earphones. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the music you listen to or whatever you’re streaming on Netflix. No, turning the volume down isn’t good enough. If you can hear it they can too. Earphones. Please.

3. Their stuff is not your stuff. If they didn’t say you could take it, don’t take it. That’s stealing. And when they find out, everything just becomes uncomfortable.

4. Your friends are not always their friends. Yes, you’re friends are some of the best people in the world. But that doesn’t mean your roommate is going to want them in your room 24/7. Your room should never be the “regular hang out spot” for you and your friends.

5. Personal space. It exists. Don’t be all over their stuff. That’s just creepy. Sometimes your roommate will need alone time even when you happen to be present. Just because they are in the room doesn’t always mean they want to chat. Give them some breathing air.

6. But the space is still a shared space. As in keep your side clean. No one wants to smell someone else’s dirty laundry.

7. Keep each other accountable. Communicate. If you’re roommate is usually in bed at 10PM but is still not home this night at 3AM, you might want to shoot them a text to make sure they’re okay. Also don’t be afraid to let your roommate know how you feel about their behavior if it’s disruptive.

8. Your snooze button is not convenient for everyone. Your alarm clock doesn’t just wake you up. Be frugal with the snooze button.

9. The more negative you are about the situation, the worse it becomes. If you believe you won’t get along with your roommate, chances are you won’t. Try to keep up a positive attitude.

10. Forgive the little things. Your roommate will make mistakes. You will too. Living with another person means you will be seeing some of their worst sides. Spills happen, things can get messy; hurtful words can be said- sometimes it’s better to just let the little things go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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