Healing Comes In Waves

@given_to_go / Twenty20.com
@given_to_go / Twenty20.com

Healing comes in waves.

Sometimes the waves are higher, sometimes, smaller.

Sometimes the waters are calm.

The water is clear. And you can see the shore again.

Dear, I ask that you allow every ounce of your body to enjoy that moment.

Find the corners of your lips lifting. Find that bittersweet smile in knowing that in the middle of the storm, you have survived.

Because you never know when the next wave will come. So smile.

Give yourself permission to be okay in that moment.

Because worrying will neither quicken the next wave nor slow it down.

Healing comes in waves, love.

Sometimes it’ll help you stay afloat.

Sometimes it’ll completely wash over you.

You will be okay.

In this moment and the next.

I promise.

With lots of Love & Warm Hugs,
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