24 Everyday Things We Underestimate That Have The Ability To Brighten Our Day


1. Waking up JUST before your alarm goes off.

2. Having the time for a nice hearty breakfast before rushing to work.

3. Having your drink ready at your regular coffee shop.

4. Green lights all the way to work.

5. Complimentary donuts at work.

6. Phone calls from an old friend that we let go to voicemail.

7. Dancing alone at home.

8. Hot showers on cold days and a cold one on a particularly hot day.

9. The deliciousness of a self-cooked meal.

10. Music that makes your hair stand up.

11. The power of a nap.

12. Getting that haircut you’ve been putting off.

13. Exercise – lifting, running, crossfit, swimming etc.

14. An evening walk through the city.

15. Pizza!

16. Compliment from a stranger.

17. Skype sessions with far away friends and family.

18. Receiving that package in the mail you’ve been so eagerly tracking.

19. Reading at night before going to bed.

20. The sound of rain.

21. Petting a dog.

22. Getting an unexpected peck on the cheek from a loved one.

23. The sun making its presence felt on a cloudy day.

24. A clear sky full of stars at night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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