Read This If Your Anxiety Is Controlling Your Life

Cassidy Kelley / Unsplash

How do you deal with something that you’ve had as long as you can remember? How do you stop it messing up your life even more than it has? I no longer want to be confined by my anxiety. I want to go out and have a good time and enjoy everything life has to offer me. I want the people in my life to not have to deal with this. I’ve missed birthdays, and family gatherings, and even my high school graduation because going outside and facing the world, is the most daunting task, ever. 

My best friend told me some hard-hitting stuff today, and I thought I’d share it with you:

“Nothing’s gonna get done if you don’t make the strides for it”

“You’re not frustrating the road to success is”

“Avoiding the problem makes it worse”

She hit the nail on the head with this one.

Stop, avoiding the problem. You can’t change or move forward unless you actively and consistently put in the work. This may be a shock to you, but you’ll never go anywhere unless you pull your head out of your ass, and step out of your own way. Tell that little nagging voice your head this: ”Even though I’m nervous, this is a great opportunity for me. Blessings like these only come around once in a lifetime, it’s time for me to stop letting you take over my life. I am the one in control. I am present and positive and even though this scares me I’m no longer giving you the power to control me or my choices

And if you’re still feeling anxious, or scared, understand this: if you’re afraid; if that inner voice is telling youdon’t do it” — do it anyway. Do it to the best of your ability. That fear means you’re on the right track. If it scares you, it’s probably the kick in the pants you need to start. So, start. Take it a step at a time, and remember to breathe. TC mark

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