God Didn’t Let You Into My Life For No Reason

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It took me awhile before I could think of it or maybe the reason was there I just couldn’t put myself together to accept it. God didn’t let us happen because He’s letting us to love ourselves better. God is letting us discover that we have countless shots at being happy, we just need to learn which ones are worth taking.

God brought us together for a good reason. We needed each other to realize the love we deserve and the things we have to learn to find that love. With you, I learned that not all people who hurt me deserve my hate. I shouldn’t hate someone just because you couldn’t reciprocate the feelings I had for you. And that I can’t save everyone from being broken because I might just end up breaking myself. Most importantly, because of you I learned that I never needed to try for someone to see me for who I am. You saw something different and genuine in me that I couldn’t even see. And for that, I’ll always be grateful.

As for you, I hope you realized that no matter how broken you can be, someone is still capable of loving you and seeing you beyond your broken pieces.

For whatever reason, I believe that I was made to let you know that your brokenness will never be a hindrance for you to be loved. Even if you’re the only one who can fix yourself, there is someone made to help you. Don’t be afraid to let anyone in, your life or your heart. You can be loved. You are loved, by many and by me. Please remember that.

For nights I prayed for you to be the one, or at least to make this one last but then I realized I was praying for the wrong things. Now that I know better, I’ll continue to pray in good faith that you’ll find solace in your brokenness and that you’ll never lose strength to build yourself together. And at a safer distance, I’ll still be here for you.

I’ll always be here for you, because I believe that’s something I was made to do. TC mark

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