6 Signs You’re Growing Up To Be An Actual Adult

1. You no longer believe in fairytales.

You’ve learned the hard way that life doesn’t come with knights in shining armor or with fairy godmothers to guide you. You’ve realized that things won’t alway go your way. And that in the end there’s a lesser possibility of a happy ever after but a greater assurance that you’ll be happy.

2. You’ve learned that the real monsters don’t stay under your bed but live in your thoughts.

They’re everywhere and they appear at the wee hours at night; when you’re staying up at 2am making you realize countless life lessons only to confuse you more.

3. Life is a four letter word and with seven billion meanings.

Life means different things for everyone. Life for me is reaching my goals and striving to be the best. While for others life is doing all things that make you happy. For others, life is sacrificing it for the greater good. Life may mean different for each one of us but each is as precious as everyone else’s.

4. Life is this obstacle relay that never fails to make you fall.

In order to learn how to stand on both of your feet or one of them is to fall. You should learn how to overcome is course as it goes by. You should do it with the best of your abilities. Teach yourself that in order to succeed, you must strive and that you should all your can’ts into cans and dreams into reality. Whatever may block your way, figure out a way around it or conquer as it goes by. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from being the best version of yourself.

5. We want things money can no longer buy.

We want happiness, but a new phone won’t suffice. We want success but high grades won’t just cut it. We want love, but it can no longer be bought. We want second chances, but it doesn’t sell for 4 for a dollar. We want time, but it’s as priceless as itself. We want and need the things that money can no longer buy because we’ve learned the hard way that life doesn’t come with a price tag.

6. You got lost.

In order to find yourself, you must lose it in the first place. And you can’t lose something you don’t have. If you had yourself, if you think you have everything you’ll ever need; a thought will hit you up when you gaze to the night sky and make you question who you are. Next thing you know you’re out the door not knowing who you are, what you want, what you need and what you have done for yourself and others. You’ll go around like a lost puppy not knowing the way back. You’ll feel like the world has given up on you, but eventually you’ll find the light and the yellow brick road leading to the life you were destined to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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