6 Perfect Reasons To Move On With Your Life

Life can be hard, well it is. Sometimes you just want to give up, throw everything you have and just jump out the window. Life doesn’t assure us a safe, uninterrupted journey. Life doesn’t assure us of comfort always. Life doesn’t assure us that everything will go our way or as we planned it to be. But life does assure us that it will all be worth it. Life assures us that we will be happy.

1. Your absence means as much as your presence.

Believe me it will. Your absence at the dinner table, it won’t make dinner with your family the same. No one will no longer keep the conversation going. No one will no longer tell them how their day went. Your mom will pass by your room, take out the teddybear you used to sleep with and hug it and maybe she’ll feel your presence. Your dad will regret the nights that he stayed up in the office working over time to assure you a great future. Your siblings will no longer have someone to lean on or someone they can joke around with. Your friends will be in the same lunch table, meet at the same spot at school but it will all be the same. But your absence will make it feel different. Your bestfriend won’t be able to sleep at night, she’ll be up thinking where in the world did it all go wrong. Your bestfriend will stay up staring at the ceiling waiting a text from you, hoping that everything that happened was just a dream. Your absence will leave a hole in the hearts and lives of the people you love. Believe me your absence means as much as your presence.

2. Things will not always go your way.

It won’t. Not always. Life was made with thrill, if it always went as how we planned it life would be boring. Yes, plans will guide us along the way but it pays to be a little confused in life. Confusion will hone you to accept that things will not always go your way. That there are times that you need to create detours or to go away with schedules. Life wasn’t made to be existed, it was made to be lived. And with living, comes with circumstances, with living there is confusion, with living there is also clarity.

3. Problems are the building blocks of life.

Problems spice up your life. Problems help you to be who you are. Problems help you get away with life. Without problems we’ll be like chickens running around without their heads. P R O B L E M S- a word with 8 letters but can drown you 8 times more. Problems can kill but were made to make you live. Problems come with solutions and life is just this big book of problems while you struggle in finding the answer key when you can solve it yourselves. But that’s the thing life doesn’t come with a manual, instructions or an answer key. Life came with problems that you were made to solve. And there will be times wherein life will be this big maze that there seems to be no way out but just when you’re about to give up a glimpse of hope will shine and show you the way.

4. Your Past, present and future will make you stronger.

The three phases in your life make you who you were, who you are and who you will be. There’s nothing to fear about accepting the three phases you have in your life. You practically lived, living and will live those three phases. Your past can make you stronger because the mistakes you’ve committed brings you lessons you can use to live in your present. Your present makes you stronger because it teaches you live life while it lasts. And your future makes you stronger because it will guide you and must be one of the reasons for you to go on with life.

5. There are different kinds of pain in this world.

If there are different kinds of love, there are also different kinds of pain- different kinds of pain you have to embrace. Embrace each kind of pain that comes into your life. Embrace it because it is part of who you are. Pain changes you, molds you to be the warrior that you are. The battle scars on your wrist are as valuable as the smiles you’ve shown and the tears you’ve shed. Embrace them. Show the world how you’ve conquered each kind of pain. Show the world how pain changed you. Pain can sometimes be your best friend.

6. It will get better.

You’ll eventually reach your destination. You’ll eventually get what you need. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want. But life will assure you that it will get better. It will be for you to be happy. Life will end up for you as a sunny morning, waking up with no regrets. As long as you live life to fullest. It will get better, maybe not now but later. It will get better, maybe not today but tomorrow. It will get better maybe not as planner but it will. It will get better because there is always a rainbow after every storm. It will get better because every Disney character had to go through the sad part of the movie right? It will get better because every one in this world deserves a happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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