5 Things That No Longer Matter Now That You’re Gone

Now that you’re gone things will mean less as it did before. Now there will no longer be a me and you. Now that you’re gone things will never be the same. Now that you’re gone we’ll be falling apart faster than before. Now that you’re gone a happy ending is no longer at reach. Now that you’re gone you’re farther than you were before. Now that you’re gone the echoes of your name in these walls fade as the days go by. Now that you’re gone these things will no longer matter.

1. The bracelet you gave me.

You gave me a bracelet, two Christmases ago. I don’t know if you remember but I always look at it and think of you. It seems to be useless and invaluable to others but it is priceless to me. I no longer use it now that you’re gone because it reminds me of the year we met. Every bead on that bracelet for me is a reflection of the great memories we made that year. It reflects the sparks that shine whenever we see each other. But now that you’re gone it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll keep that bracelet inside my trinket box, bury it under just like our memories. I’ll bury it as deep as it can get so it wouldn’t bug me anymore. I’ll bury it as deep as I can go so it will no longer remind me of you and year we met. Because as I hate bitter endings, I’ll hate it as much as its beginnings.

2. Our first polaroid picture.

I got a picture of us printed on a Polaroid. I keep it in my wallet, together with the other valuable things I keep. Printed, was the picture of us last year, I know we have a lot of pictures together but what makes this picture special is that it was the last picture we took before we parted ways for a little while. It was the last picture we took before everything we used to have started to deteriorate. It was the last photo of us that mirrored how happy we were. It was the last photo that reminded me of our spontaneity and joy as best friends. It was the last photo of us that made me realize what truly mattered. It was the last photo of us, before late replies ruined everything and the broken promises broke us apart, slowly but surely. It was the last photo of us that reminded me of the time when there was me and you.

3. Our phone conversations and messages.

For most people this will be one of the things they’ll treasure, for a very long time. But for me, I treat things differently. It wont matter because I’ll be just reading through messages that remind of the times that I was the one you run to in times of distress. But I need to realize too that I may no longer be the one you’ll run to in times of distress. I need to realize that I’ll no longer be the person that will make you laugh and remind you of how great you are. Now that you’re gone, I feel that you’ve taken my purpose away with you. You’d be meeting new people, you’d be making them happy the way you made me happy. You’d grace them with your charm and you’ll make them laugh much harder than you made me laugh. You’d eventually find other reasons to forget about me. You’ll eventually find someone else. These messages will no longer matter because it would mean less as it did the moment we sent it. It means less than it really is now that you’re gone.

4. The songs we both knew.

You loved to sing. And i enjoyed listening to you. You would sing me to sleep when I wanted to and it zooms me back to moments of complete serenity. I save those covers of yours t help me deal with how I missed you before. It made me feel like you’re still there, on the other end of the line waiting for me to reply. It brought me back to times when your voice felt like home. Your voice was the song my heart beat to. The songs we both knew brought us together. It was one of the things that bind us. But there came the time that we sang to two different tunes. We no longer knew the songs that each other listened to especially now that you’re gone. The tune of your voice cant conquer the distance between us. It’s rhythm is no longer enough to make my heart beat better. The songs we both knew, we sang together. The songs we now know are sang for each other.

5. The things we wrote and the story of us.

Time will pass and you’ll eventually write about someone else. Time will pass and you’ll eventually write about the special moments in your life that I wouldn’t know about. You’ll eventually write about a new jerk that broke your heart that you’ll never tell me about. You’ll eventually write about the day you got asked to homecoming and I wouldn’t be there to help you pick your dress. You’ll eventually write about the places you’ll get to go to and I’ll never know where it is. You’ll eventually write about your new life that I know I’m no longer part of. Time will pass not only for you but also for me. Time will pass and I’ll eventually write about the song I heard that reminded me of that summer which you’ll never know about. I’ll eventually write for that guy who I know will never really like me but I go head over heels for but you’ll never know about him. I’ll eventually write about how college life is and you’ll never get to know to which universities I got in to. I’ll eventually write about things you’ll never seem to know. I’ll eventually write about a new me that you’ll never be able to see. Time will pass and we’ll no longer be the same people we used to be the last time we met. Time will pass and the story of us that never got its happy ending will be gone together with the story of you.

13 things wont matter now that you’re gone, but always remember that there is one thing that will matter even when you’re gone. Our friendship will always matter even now that you’re gone. And it over weighs all the other things that wont matter anymore. Now that you’re gone, things will never be the same. It will change, eventually but please know that one thing will stand constant against all odds. It’s that I’ll always be here loving you from a distance. I’ll always be here wishing you happiness. I’ll always be here just where you left me. I’ll be waiting just like I did before, waiting for you to come back to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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