Living With Bittersweet Tangerines

I’ve come to realize over the years, that not everyone who comes into your life, is meant to be in it forever.

No matter how good or strong their part in your story is or was, a lot of them will eventually go. It’s not something we think of or plan for, it’s not something we desire; we don’t meet them to let go.

So when it happens, our hearts ache. a lot. The kind that twists round and round. We feel paralyzed like our voices want to crawl out but instead camp inside and settle into louder chimes. We get angry, both at them and ourselves; we want someone to blame. Because blame means you have a problem with a solution. It’s easier than not.

But mostly we feel helpless. In wanting that chapter to last forever but also knowing there is not much left to write.

Because no matter how long or short their chapters were, its not the one you can skip. It’s the chapter that took something and gave you something else. Even if you go back to the beginning, even if you try to pause. it will not sound the same.

Sometimes people will leave. Sometimes you will let go. And sometimes it’s a bit of both. But if we can let go of how that happens, then what is left of it will make you smile. Maybe cry salty tears sometimes. Like all the flavors of a bittersweet tangerine.

The point is.

Let it all happen, it’s okay. Let them in and let them out. Don’t stop them. Let them teach you the lessons they were meant to, no matter how tough it gets. Don’t be scared. Let them make promises they can’t keep, let them part ways in ways you didn’t realize they knew.

You are living your story. And a chapter needs to end before the next one begins.

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