5 Signs You’re Much Closer To Finding Your Forever Person

Jakob Owens
Jakob Owens

1. You don’t go for looks anymore

Sure, you have your preferences, but soon you realize there is more to a relationship than having a handsome, chiseled face to gawk at the whole time. The outside appearance should not be the sole determining factor.

2. You have finally sorted out what your exact ideals and values are in life

It is somewhat the norm to compromise on certain values and morals you hold during your early twenties. However, you have now reached a point where you have lived and learned enough from previous experiences that there a few things you will not compromise on. Once you realize what these non-negotiables are in your life, it will be much easier finding a partner who respects it as much as you do

3. You don’t go for the bad boys anymore

Because, let us be honest with each other for a second here. It used to be such a thrill to get wrapped up into the world of a guy who makes you feel like you are his only saving grace. Only to realize a few months down the line and couple of regrets later, that he will never change, at least not for you. You know there are good people out there and you thoroughly begin to enjoy being treated like the diamond you are.

4. Ambition is a turn-on

A man, who shares your hunger and zest for progress and improvement, makes you salivate at the thought of the potential you could bring out in each other. The idea of seeing him succeed and vice versa brings nothing but feelings of intense joy to the both of you. This man will stand by you and will do anything to see you rise and reach your full potential, doing the same for you as you would do for him.

5. The future is not a place of fear

When looking for a potential partner, you value someone who is able to think of sharing a future with somebody. A person, who feels like this, is certain of him/herself and it would be a delight to walk into the future with someone who is not afraid to walk alongside you as you approach it.

Overall, when you mature in your dating-life and approach, you do not take things at face-value. You have reached a place where you know the past losses and pain have transformed you into someone really special. Once you know who you are, it is a great time to find the person who will appreciate your unique kind of special and do his/her best to take life on with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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