Love Me So I Forget What Heartbreak Feels Like

Brendan Church

Love me so that I forget what it felt like when my heart broke.
Kiss me so that I don’t want to let you go.

Hold my hand just be there by my side.
Support me so that I keep moving on.
Talk to me about how your day went. But sometimes just listen what I have to say.
Tell me you sorrows, your fears. Tell me everything that you haven’t told anyone.
Let me be your friend before I become your lover.
Trust me so that you won’t believe anything said by the other.

Let me be your first for one thing or another.
Walk down the aisle with me and kiss me beneath the stars.
Don’t be my forever just be with me now.
Don’t make promise that you will break somehow.
I don’t want you to be the perfect one.
I love you for who you are and what you’ll become.

Just stay with me in my darkest times. And let me share my joy with you in my happiest times.

No memory is complete if you’re not there. Oh baby don’t you say goodbye
Because I don’t want this to end.
Just don’t leave me because I know I’ll die.
I want nothing more than just to have you by my side.
I don’t want our love story to be told to other. I just want it to be mine and keep it with me forever.

Love me so that I believe that I can be happy again.
Kiss me so that I really know you won’t leave me ever again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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