You’re The Soulmate I Haven’t Found Yet

Brigitte Tohm
Brigitte Tohm

I don’t know who you are exactly but I know you are out there conquering and losing battles every single day. I don’t know if you are still in school or you have escaped that wormhole a long time ago. I don’t know the battles you are fighting but know that I will give you everything.

I will love you so damn much that you will stop wondering of ‘what ifs’ because you already know what it’s like to finally be happy. If the time comes that you want to be alone, I will give it to you because you deserve to be with the best, and the best thing in the world is nothing but yourself and that’s all you’ll ever need.

I will love you so much that you’ll never feel sad because you’re alone in your apartment. We will raise a husky together and we will name it after a star or a constellation. We will keep watering our cacti because those are our first babies. I will love you so much that your body will be filled with love no anxiety or depression will ever harm you or leave your pillows wet in tears.

The love I have for you will burn passionately that the sun will be embarrassed for shining only this bright. The moon will cry over our love because it will realize that our love is longer than its days and that forever isn’t enough to celebrate the love we are going to share. I will always look for you in the crowd and if I don’t find you there I will look for you in my heart because that is where you will always be.

There will come a time that you will feel you have had enough, and you will find yourself crying, and the rain will pour, and you are going to get soaked in the rain, and everything will feel like it is the end. That’s when I’ll come running to you. I’ll pull you out of the rain. I will wipe your tears away and I will keep you warm because that is what I was made for and I know you would have done the same for me because after all, you are my hero.

I will keep you warm because you’ve given my heart the warmth I’ve been searching for. I don’t know who you are, if you are out there or you’re in here but I do hope that you are the person I am with right now because he deserves the world and god damn I love him to death. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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