To The Ones Who Have Called Me A Fangirl

Alex Block
Alex Block

You know I like that band.

You know that I really like that band.

However, you can’t seem to understand exactly what liking the band means to me, so you’ve categorized me into a false group of insane and screaming tweens that you picture kissing posters before bed and crying at the sight of boys they only like for their looks.

I want to be clear that I am not like that.

I am not in it for their looks.

If you must know, I listen to bands on my music streaming app and I know the lines and colors of the album covers before I even see their faces. If I know what a band member looks like, chances are I have seen them in concert. That’s what happens at a concert, you see their face.

I have not written fanfiction of them.

Don’t even suggest this. I don’t have a habit of turning real people into my literary play toys.

However, I have drawn them.

But, as an art student, I don’t feel like that is a big deal.

I get irrationally happy when their concerts approach.

But, wouldn’t you? This appears to be only an issue when I do it for my band, but you probably dressed up in full regalia for your movie premier of Star Wars, waited in line for your video game to come out, or fawned over the latest iphone.

I am a fan.

I know the words to their songs. I have taken pictures with the members. I have friends I have met only because of the band. I am involved in an online community.

I’d like you to think about how you are a fan.

How loud did you scream at the television when your favorite sports team was winning? Do you use Reddit just so you can talk about video games? Do you have an autographed item? Do you know ridiculous facts? How much money have you spent on what you love?

Here is the thing I want you to know.

Just because I am a girl who likes a band, doesn’t mean I am insane for being a fan, unless you believe that your habits are crazy too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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