To The Girls Who Don’t Know How To Love

jim flores

Here’s to the girls who like to be in control of their hearts. The girls who refuse to let anyone make them feel like less of a human being. The girls who have spent so much time learning to be alone, that they think they’ve forgotten to love. This one’s for you.

Perhaps it’s because of what you’ve witnessed your mother go through. Or what you witnessed that girl in the Netflix show you binge watched 2 years ago go through. Maybe it’s because you’ve vowed to never be that girl who cries in the shower at 3am, the girl who sits on the bathroom floor with her knees in her hand, wondering why her, the girl who sits by her phone anxiously waiting for a text back. You refuse to allow yourself to love, because you associate it with vulnerability, of which you refuse to consent to.

The truth is, vulnerability is in no way synonymous to being weak. Instead allowing yourself to be vulnerable is one of the hardest things to do, it involves allowing your true self to be completely exposed—regardless of the risks.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be in control of YOUR heart—after all, it is yours. Your heart needs to be protected, and if that means it takes you a little longer to find love, so be it.

You haven’t forgotten how to love, because you never learned. No one learns how to love. Love is one of the most inexplicable feelings out there. As cliche as it may seem, love is something that just falls into place.

Its falling in love with the person you called your best friend for years. Its falling in love with the person who sells tickets at the movie theater. Its falling in love with the person who gives you extra biscuits at Red Lobster. When it happens, you’ll know.

Until then, for the girls “who don’t know how to love”, control your hearts, protect your hearts, learn how to be alone, work on yourself, and allow the pieces to fall into place. Love is not something you “know” how to do, its not something you “learn” and “forget”, instead, its something that happens when it happens. And when it does happen, be ready to allow yourself to be none other than, yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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