Write It All Down

Write it down. Write down every moment and every memory. Write about the things that make you laugh and the things that make you cry. The things that interest you and keep you sane when nothing else seems to matter. Write about the sad things, every heartbreak, because these were often the times you felt the most. Write about the pain and the dark times, the moments when you felt lost, afraid, and alone.

Write about the hard times, the times that you broke you down and were shattered into a million pieces. Write about the times you built yourself up, the times when those that you loved gathered around you to put you back together again.

Write down your fears, your hopes, and your dreams; write about the things that set your soul on fire. Write about the little moments, the warm hugs and awkward smiles. Write about the big moments, the travels to distant countries and the times you allowed yourself to explore worlds beyond yours, but never forget to write about the small things, the times when you got up out of bed in the morning even when you didn’t feel like it. Write about the small steps and small victories that you often forget to celebrate.

Write about your firsts—your first love, first concert, and first kiss. Write about the coffee dates and late night chats, all the times you were too tired to get up the next morning. Write down the work and assignments, the things that you have achieved to get to where you are. Write about the moments you could barely keep your eyes open as tiredness overwhelmed you. Write about the sunny days as well as the stormy ones, the times when you danced in the heavy downpours or just stared as the rain battered your window.

Write about the songs that filled you with butterflies and gave you goosebumps. Write about the music that has held you up and held you in the times when you were falling apart. Write about the movies that took you to distant planets and worlds beyond your imagination. Write about every single person who has impacted your life, the ones who have stayed and the ones who didn’t. Write about those who broke your heart and those who mended it.

Write often and write everywhere, seeing the world with new eyes, as every moment, person and city has a story. Write passionately and fervently, detailing everything from the boring to the exciting. Write until you can’t write any more, and even then, never stop writing.

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