I Am The One You Will Look For


I am the one you will look for
When you stare deep in the iris of her dilated eyes
My scent will linger in your nostrils
When you hold her close to your bare chest
I will flood the gates of your thoughts
When you close yourself into her soft embrace
My words will come back to you
When you are trying to hold a conversation with her
I will be the only thought in your mind
When you hear the love song she dedicated to you
My warmth will be the only solace you crave
When you are lying cold in the bed beside her
I will be the reason your heart would flutter under the shirt I gave you
When your lips are touching hers
My jacket I left at your home will keep you warm
When yours would be touching the nape of her neck
I will be the reason you can’t breathe
While she tries to leave you breathless
My pictures would be in the hidden folder you look at every night
While she will be the desktop image you set
I will be the one you look for
When you replace her with another girl
Who looks more like me that she ever did

But she, too, won’t make the cut Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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