Why There Is No “Right” Time To Get Married

FLickr, Alagich Katya
FLickr, Alagich Katya

I’ve never understood the huge opinion everyone seems to have about the age women get married. Like there’s a right or a wrong time, as if it’s that black and white. You know, the articles titled “Why Getting Married In Your 20s Might Be The Worst Idea Ever” or “15 Reasons It’s Smarter To Get Married In your 20s.”

Do people really think it’s that simple? Follow steps XYZ and you will have the perfect marriage! Because to me, it doesn’t work like that. Very few things do.

Here’s the truth: There is no right or wrong – or black and white. There’s only what’s best for you.

If you meet the love of your life at 21, why would you pass up on the opportunity to be with them forever? But if you haven’t met someone and your 30, that’s okay too, because things like love and marriage don’t need to be rushed. Trust in life’s timing.

Some people get lucky and meet the love of their life when they’re 6 years old; it’s their next-door neighbor or someone they went to kindergarten with. Some people don’t find love until they’re 60, after an ugly divorce and they realize they had love all wrong the first time around. You can find love in all different places and in all different forms and that’s kind of the beauty of it. It also helps if you really truly love yourself first.

So I don’t think it’s so much about when or how you find love – because there is no right or wrong to that. It’s that you find it, and when you do, you fight like hell to hold on to it. Because it doesn’t come around too often, and it truly is what makes the world go round. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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