When Opposite Attract

image - Flickr / kitty chirapongse
image – Flickr / kitty chirapongse

My husband and I are two very different people. He likes the country life where I am most definitely a city girl. He prefers to spend weekends fishing or hunting and I like to spend them shopping with friends. He likes to go home and relax after work, but I prefer to hit up happy hour. His ideal Friday night is ordering a pizza and sitting on the couch, but I would much rather stay out way too late laughing and dancing with friends.

We are the complete opposite from one another.

Sometimes I will say things that make my husband physically cringe. When that happens I have to simply remind him that he knew what he was getting into when he married me. On the other hand, when I roll my eyes when my husband tells me that he is going to Bass Pro Shop (yet again!), he reminds me that I chose him and his lifestyle.

And he is right. 

I may not understand the obsession with camouflage or cleaning guns, but I do understand the heart full of love that my husband has for me. I will never understand the thrill that comes with getting up before daybreak to sit in the cold and wait for deer, but I understand the compassion for others that my husband has and his motivation to work hard for his family.

We don’t have the same political beliefs or cheer for the same football team (quite the opposite actually), but we both value family and love above everything else.

Our love is strong and unbreakable. My husband will spend the rest of his life teaching me to shoot a gun and trying to convince me to eat deer meat (never going to happen, honey) and I will spend my life trying to convince him as to why, as a matter of fact, I do need another Tory Burch purse.

One day we will have children of our own, and it is my belief that our children will be the most well rounded kids in the neighborhood (the verdict is still out, however, on whether that neighborhood will reside in the city or the country). They may not ever know which football team to cheer for on Saturdays, but they will know how to kill a deer, how to shop online, how cast a fishing line, and how to turn a wine bottle into home decor. They will know that love conquers all and that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. Our children will learn both sides of the political debate, and they will form their own beliefs and opinions. Our children will have Steven’s love of the country and my love of the city all wrapped up into one. They will be perfect, just like the love that Steven and I share for each other.

My husband and I challenge each other every single day. We teach each other patience and compromise. We help each other grow by reaching out of our own comfort zone and into the comfort zone of the other. With that comes frustration and disagreements, but how boring would life be without opening yourself up to something you never expected?

My husband and I are two very different people, but the love that we share together is the unlike any other. He is my everything, and I choose him, camouflage and all, every single day.

“Opposites attract because it’s fun to get to know someone who isn’t like you. Whatever they do is unpredictable and it’ll throw you off. It makes time with them like a roller coaster of fun. It’s nice to know there are people out there who don’t want to be like everyone else.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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