This Is The Phase Between Where You Are And Where You’d Like To Be

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What do you do when you’re in limbo? By “limbo” I’m talking about that awkward in-between phase where you like where you are, but you’re also craving to get the fuck away from it.

By “limbo” I’m talking about being in between where you are and where you’d like to be.

By “limbo” I mean feeling half happy and half distraught. That’s what I mean by limbo.

There’s an odd sense of peace in routine, whether that routine is a healthy one or not. I love being able to know what I’ll be doing on a weekend, or know what I’m doing throughout the week, because it all comes so naturally. They’re called “comfort zones” for a reason. You’re in a zone of comfort in which you feel all right doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

But what happens when the routine you’ve grown so accustomed to is no longer conducive to your life?

What happens when you begin to crave more, and become anxious at the thought of staying where you are for much longer? What happens when you no longer can relate to the ones you used to be on the same page with?

What happens is letting go and moving forward.

It’s not healthy to be stuck in a rut. It’s not okay to feel down about where you are. But these feelings are what force and propel us to exit our comfort zones and reach for that “more” we so desperately yearn for.

We wouldn’t be alive if we couldn’t adapt and grow and change. Living creatures need to alter their lifestyles in order to survive. Whether you consider this Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” hypothesis or more simply “moving on,” we need to sit down, analyze, and take action.

Whether it’s growing apart from a group of friends or leaving a job that doesn’t benefit you any longer, we need to be able to recognize these pitfalls and say, “Okay. I realize that this may have been good for X amount of time, but it is no longer beneficial to stay in this situation, and I need to act accordingly.” It may be easier said than done, but you’ll feel better in the end. I promise.

Now go grab a cup of coffee, sit by the water, and contemplate. Are you where you’d like to be?

If not, how can you change your current lifestyle in order to reach your new happy place? Cultivate a plan of action, and go. Find your new comfort zone until you’re ready to move onto the next one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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