Find A Better Reason To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Girl excited to get out of bed in the morning
Unsplash / Omar Lopez

What makes you get out of bed? Is it waking up to a screen with a good morning text? Is it the smell of coffee brewing? Is it waking up to a warm bed because someone’s next to you?

Is it the news that, for once, doesn’t talk about the world suffering? Is it your alarm beeping to go to work, to a job you love? Is it when the day has come and your best friend is home?

Whatever it may be, whatever the reason is, keep it close. Most of us put blankets over our eyes, ignoring the present.

What makes you genuinely happy? Is it your family, and their open arms on a bad day? Is it your true friends, who know you when you don’t know yourself?

Is it being surrounded by trees and no power lines? Is it pizza in bed with your best friend? Sitting in silence? Puddle jumping in gumboots? Frolicking down the beach? Maybe it’s your music, your remedy.

Whatever the reason may be, I’m glad you’ve found one. Have you ever watched a storm brew over the mountains? Have you heard its thunder roar like lions in the wild?

Have you watched somebody’s heart break when they’ve fallen out of love with someone? Have you watched a child take its first steps? Have you watched a blind person cross a street with confidence?

Have you seen the rays of a sun shine through and break the darkness? Have you ever held someone’s hand while they were dying? Have you ever let go of someone’s fingers and known it was for the best? Kissed lips for the last time you knew you’d be perfectly okay without? Broke a heart, meanwhile breaking yours at the same time?

I’ve experienced many of these moments. Some have shaped me into who I am, some have left me missing pieces.

Whatever challenge you defeat, mountain you conquer, love you stumble across, remember the moment you experienced it. People live their lives never living presently in a heartfelt moment, and instead letting it slip through their fingers.

Touch. Touch is amazing if you think of it, it hits your heart, lights up your mind, and for a moment, leaving you feel human. Your body works, your mind is intact, and you’ve just felt something that ignited a spark inside of you.

Pay attention to the details of your success and your miseries. Support them all. Be there for all. Love all, and most of all, let them feel.

Remember, you once did too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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