An Open Letter To The Single Girl On Valentine’s Day

Low Shot of woman holding a bouquet of dried and wilted red roses
Kseniya Petukhova / Unsplash

Dear Single Girl on Valentine’s Day,

I don’t know where your heart is. Maybe your heart is full without a partner, maybe your heart is heavy waiting for “the one” to fill it, or maybe your heart is broken in pieces after giving a piece of it to someone you trusted.

Regardless, your heart deserves to be held and loved so I’m writing a little note to you.

I know how it feels to feel like you’re alone at a time when everyone is clinging to their loves.

What could you do to make them love you?
Where can you go to find the one?
Why didn’t things work out?

While these are all perfectly normal questions to have swirling around in your head, I want to let you know that finding a partner for a holiday of love may not be the answer.

Maybe your heart is full because you’ve never actually opened it up to anyone.

Maybe your heart is heavy waiting for the one because you don’t love yourself and you can’t stand being alone.

Or maybe your heart is broken into pieces because you lost love for yourself when you were falling in love with someone else.

If this hits home then I challenge you to get a little bit more comfortable with wherever you are. Don’t try and change your heart just loosen the grip on it and let the blood flow through.

Your heart, like you, isn’t made for perfection and makes mistakes too.

But it never stops beating or gives up on you. Just like God, will never give up on loving you. So give your heart to him, the one the one who already loves you more than you could ever imagine.

You don’t need a holiday or a partner to know his love either. So instead of waiting for the one to fill holes in your heart or waiting for your broken pieces to be put together, decide to open your heart to God and yourself today.

Cuddle up with the things and people that make you feel loved. Hug yourself for recognizing and accepting the state of your heart. And celebrate the season of love, for you know you were made for it. You don’t need a partner or a relationship to feel it.

Cheers to you and your lovely heart!

I hope you know you are loved. TC mark

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