A Letter To The Girl Who Dreads Swimsuit Season

Christopher Campbell

Dear Girl Who Dreads Swimsuit Season,

I don’t know why you don’t want to step into a swimsuit. Maybe you dislike the way your body looks. Maybe you’re afraid of what people will think of you or maybe you feel like you’ll no longer be able to hide from your insecurities.

Wherever you are on the scale of swimsuit season dread, I want to meet you where you are. I know how it feels to avoid every pool party, beach trip and tanning session because you feel like the way you look in a swimsuit will somehow reveal that you aren’t good enough.

Well, I want to remind you that you can drink all the green juices and do all the hot yoga in the world and still not feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit. No amount of physical movement or “healthy” activities can give you that summertime swimsuit glow.

The girl who feels and looks best in a swimsuit is the girl that accepts herself wherever she is in life and steps into a swimsuit with confidence. She has the attitude of, “Here I am broken with all my scars. I don’t have everything figured out, but I am going to smile and have faith that there is a bigger plan for me.”

The way your body looks in a swimsuit does not determine your value, worth, HEALTH, purpose or status. You can’t wait until you reach your #beachbod #fitgirl goals to FINALLY feel happy in a piece of clothing. Chances are likely that when you reach that goal, you still won’t feel good enough because you won’t have shed the emotional weight of working through your insecurities.

So if you’re looking for that one-week diet fix that will make you instant beach ready, let me let you in on a little secret…

The thing that you are looking for is already in you. You must choose to love yourself, inside and out always.

Make a mistake? Choose love.

Binge eat? Forgive yourself anyways.

Brokenhearted? Know that you can love yourself better than anyone else on earth and you are loved.

When you choose love over fear every time, your light will shine like the sun above and nothing will stop you from basking in it. So grab a cute suit, some faith or sunscreen for protection and swim confidently knowing that you were made ready for every season.

Shine on, mermaid. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

After struggling with body image and disordered eating, Morgan started Mint+Mo to inspire others to break perfectionism and be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

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