We Can’t See Personalities, But They Are Beautiful

Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown

I’ve always felt shallow for caring about the way I look; as if it was society that was driving me. As a sorority woman, I find I am assessed more often on my appearance than my assignments.

I try to comprehend these expectations of beauty by telling myself they don’t have to be as superficial as we make them. It’s only natural to be attracted to beauty, and so it is only natural to aspire to it — as long as you’re doing it for yourself.

As long as you’re not changing to fit an ideal and as long as that’s not all you’re counting on to fulfill you. It’s okay to aspire to beauty that is a reflection of the real you, the “you” you want to portray.

We can’t see personalities. We can only hint at them with the way we express ourselves. A beautiful smile is a reflection of kindness. The way you dress can portray a sense of individuality, and makeup can frame the sincerity in your eyes.

Comparatively, a beautiful piece of art is more than just a pretty picture that matches your sofa. It has substance; it’s something you contemplate. You want to figure out the stories and ideas behind it. Something about it draws you in.

We should think of our beauty in this way. Display it in confidence, but remember that it is not intended to be taken at first glance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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