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Walking Away From Friendship

He told me that his wife was dead, his kids were gone, and so were most of his friends. He had no friends, really. He told me he reads all day to pass the time, that it felt like the world had left him behind.

Overcoming The Blue Jeans Complex: Step 1 To Minimalism

Since my jeans don’t matter, I’m going to take a huge leap of faith and say that the other 90 percent of my wardrobe doesn’t really either. If my wardrobe doesn’t matter, well… I’ll let you make your own list of the totally uneccesary crap that is probably surrounding you right now.

What’s Your Passion?

Right before I was ready to pounce, he offered up a tidbit of wisdom that left my sophomore soul in awe. “I keep an index card by my bed. On one side, I write what gets me up in the morning. On the other side, I write what keeps me up at night. I look at it every day, and if I decide I disagree with it, I tear the thing up and write a new index card.”

The Wonderful Art Of Doing Nothing

It took me 22 years to figure out how awesome this is. How great the connections you can build are. To do nothing is to become vulnerable to someone.  It is to cease to try and control the direction of the conversation, to let it float into the unknown territories of your soul and see what happens. 

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