A Letter To My Future Daughter

My sweet girl,

Boys will be boys, and the only card higher than Queen is King. But do not allow the bows tied into your hair to tie you down as well. The fire that I light your torch with is hot and wild; believe me when I say that I know. Don’t fear power any more than you fear breath. It is all around you, and it is yours for the taking. So fill your lungs and scream. Complacency is as good as death. Be cautious of dust settling upon your tongue. Never apologize for your smart mouth or high standards.

Never apologize for the tampons in your pencil box or the pink strap slipping down your shoulder. Your body is not a weapon that must be concealed to be carried. You live in a world where educators are more concerned with the length of your shorts than the scores on your reports. But skin is nothing more than skin, my little bee. Let those who project mixed morals onto your flesh drive themselves mad. You needn’t entertain it.

You are a woman — not a piece of land to be conquered, ruled, and protected. Not a lamb to be herded and hunted. You are a woman, and that can only be defined in any way that you see fit. But whatever you are, it is whole. No man or woman, no career or possession can complete you.

Be prepared for words to be thrown like stones. They will not bruise you unless you believe in them. For those words were created to protect the integrity of man. To take back control over things that belong solely to you — your behavior, sexuality, appearance. You do not have to justify these to anyone, including me. Recognize what parts of your life others have no say in, and exert complete control. It is a pity to see individuality cut short or its capacity taken for granted.
And whatever you do, do not be afraid to be too much. Too different, too difficult, too passionate, too creative, too loud, too determined. Be as big as you possibly can. You will not regret the size of the splash that you make, but you will regret not jumping in. What other purpose is their in this life if not to be testing boundaries, pushing limits, and trying until you can’t? No chance you take is scarier than looking back and wondering what you could have accomplished if only you had spent your life living instead of surviving. Leave no stone unturned, no adventure untaken, and no rejection accepted as defeat. You are your only cage and your only key. Fear and doubt will hold you back as long as you let them; free your mind from itself, and everything else becomes possible.

I know that you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Hillary Boles

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