10 Things You Realize When You Move Far Away From Home


1. Your parents are in fact always right

Save your money, eat healthy, choose friends wisely, don’t talk to strangers…we all heard those things growing up. Hate to break it to you, but your parents were right on every single one of them.

2. You actually begin to miss that over-priced, over-crowded, mediocre pub you and your friends spent every weekend at

You have come to the conclusion that no big city restaurant or campus pub will ever come close to your favorite over-rated weekend hangout back home. And that is okay. It just makes it more special when you get to return on your visits back home.

3. How much “stuff” you have accumulated over 18 years

It has become a multi-day event every time you start to pack up your things after summer break to return back to school. It involves strategic planning and organizing to fit 18 years worth of items into just a few suitcases (and several boxes that you make mom ship to you because there is just no way in hell you can fit it all).

4. You actually don’t hate your hometown

You now realize that even though you complained about your hometown you would not want to have grown up anywhere else.

5. Cooking is really difficult

The typical conversation between you and your mom while trying to cook dinner involves a picture with the caption, “is the chicken supposed to look like this?” and a lot of replies (usually in ALL CAPS) telling you to turn off the oven and call her immediately.

6. Coupons become your best friend

Never buy anything in full price. Your bank account will thank you.

7. How expensive it is to travel

If you live far enough away from home that driving back for a weekend trip becomes longer than the weekend itself you know flying is SO expensive. If you’re like me you also know that Tuesday mornings are when flight prices are the cheapest (you’re welcome) and flying on a weekday instead of a weekend is always the way to go.

8. There is an enormous beautiful world outside your hometown

If you’re like me and grew up in a small town and moved away to a big city you realize just how beautiful the world is and how much you have yet to explore. Moving to a place like New York City you find people from all backgrounds and cultures from all over the world. You won’t find that in small town USA.

9. You begin to wonder if anywhere else will ever feel like home

Moving away can sometimes be lonely, but it takes time to grow into a new place. Home is wherever you make it.

10. It was the best decision you ever made

It may have been the hardest decision you have ever made, but it has been well worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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