You Are More Than Enough

Validation from someone else is something most humans look for. We want them to say how nice our material things are, compliment how we dress, look and act etc. But what is validation really when you can’t even give it to yourself? Why look for so much love and prosperity from others when the best person to do so is you?

We let society and the opinions of others tell us what is good for us and what is not good for us. We get caught up in what’s “in” right now that we force ourselves to become obsessed with making others happy and obsessed with the “likes” and “comments” from others. Others that most of us don’t even know outside of social media.

If you can’t look at yourself and feel enough then what makes you think someone else will think you are enough? No man/woman will ever love you the way you can love you. If you don’t start to love yourself and your body people take advantage. They tell you what to wear. What surgeries to have. What they think you look good like. And because there’s no self-love, no self-validation you give in. You believe your beauty only amounts to the richness of someone else’s opinion. You allow your body to be treated in ways that only someone lucky and special should treat it.

Self-care and love is the only way you’ll truly believe you are enough. Your glowing smile and skin are meant to shine through your personal happiness. Not hide behind the validation of someone who doesn’t really care about anyone but themselves. Beauty and love start from the inside first. And you’re the only one who truly knows what you’re feeling on the inside. Validate yourself because you are more than enough!

I’m a mom of 5 finding herself again after going through divorce.

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