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Pissing Off China In 20 Tweets Or Less

Chinese netizens are swift and ruthless. Within hours they began a “human flesh search”, which utilizes the power of thousands of internet users who scour the inevitable identity trails we all leave behind on the internet, as well as spreading the word through their own social network, in order to search for clues that might uncover the details behind a story…

The Great Pretenders: China’s “Unfire-able” English Teachers

“I’m hungover every time,” said Michael Weiler with a grin. Michael is a 20-year-old English teacher in Beijing, and every Saturday at 10 a.m. he tutors a 14-year-old Chinese girl called Daisy. “Sometimes I’ll go straight from partying to teaching, and because I stink I spray on loads of cologne.”

My Date With A Young Chinese Migrant Worker

I sat on the bed, he turned on the TV, and we just sat there, watching television. I was beginning to find the whole experience utterly surreal. My few stabs at conversation were not returned. Before long he got up, left the room and ran a few chores: collected a sheet that was out to dry, washed his hair, talked to his brother next door, and cleared out his nose–sans tissue–a few times in the dustbin by my feet.