Letting Go While Holding Onto Scars

Hanna Morris

I suppose it’s easy for some people to simply let shit go. For me – it’s a wild ride of hope, and disappointment, and constant yearning to hold onto something or someone that once was.

I don’t hold grudges, but my heart bares scars from every circumstance, every conversation, every moment from the past. My past will never define me, but it is what made me who I am today.

Without those scars, I wouldn’t be able to rejoice in my journey, or remember what I know I should stay away from – mostly these scars are a constant reminder that my healing is ever-changing.

I let shit go in the sense that it no longer controls me, but I will never forget my traumas, my grief, my loss, my story – for without these scars and demons from the past – I would not be able to figure things out, to identify what is good in my world.

I will never give up my internal power – and I will fight to find peace and humanity within my heart. We are all on a path, and we collect these experiences that shake our core to enable our future self to easily see what the next direction should be. It is then up to our free spirit to choose the next destination, and to keep both our eyes and hearts open to the next lesson.

Never completely let things go, hold them hovering above your sacred soul to teach, to forgive, and to honor what you have so bravely conquered. This is how it works – this is how we grow. Be compassionate to your scars – they are actually your inner light beaming down showing you the path that is meant to be. Let shit go in the sense that you will never forget how to grow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

My name is Monica Davis. I am a resilience and mental health advocate, an artist, a writer, and possibilitarian.

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