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We Need To Stop Living With So Much Hate Inside Of Us

peace flag

How can people find it in themselves, in their own life bubbles to throw rocks at other people with words, or ignite insignificant hate campaigns of their own, when this world of ours is in such turmoil? Why is it that the nooks and crannies are now looking so similar to the big hate we see in the world?

The Power Of An Eclipse

an eclipse

Let’s all stare into the universe and not try and make sense of it all – but to open our minds to endless possibilities of unity – and for only a couple hours – forget what so many believe separate our journeys and realize what we can become as one.

Collecting Memories

girl nostalgic

What do you collect? I collect wine corks, art supplies, cycling swag, puppy love kisses, trucker hats and tank tops. I also have a collection of special adoptions from Iraq, Turkey, Dubai, and my time spent while overseas.

I’m Breaking Up With Drama

girl done with drama

Same goes for the lame pop-culture magazines – fuck them. I no longer invite people into my tribe who sabotage my growth, and believe me at this point in my life – I can smell their kind many miles away.

Letting Go While Holding Onto Scars

Never completely let things go, hold them hovering above your sacred soul to teach, to forgive, and to honor what you have so bravely conquered. This is how it works – this is how we grow.

I’m Done Apologizing For My Anxiety And Depression

I am done apologizing for my anxiety and depression — they are part of me. And because of them I have been forced to be okay with me, myself, and I. Alone in this mad world of unexpected panic and feeling as if I’m literally going to die, or finding a dark room more pleasant than the sun.

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