I Went On Vacation And Had The Hottest Sex Of My Life (With Another Woman)


I was vacationing in a small seaside town to celebrate my 40th birthday. I was feeling a little blue since I had gone through a breakup about a month back and with the big 4O approaching I was feeling a strange mixture of melancholy and anxiety.

One evening I sat in the seaside cafe (nothing more than a hut with a make shift bar on one side, really) reading a book when a young girl approached me. She was staying at the same hotel as me and I had seen her in the morning going for a dip wearing a bikini so tiny that it barely covered her crotch. She had a boyish haircut and small, but perky breasts. When I looked up she stood in front of me in denim shorts that were barely there and a white shirt so carelessly buttoned that most of her flat tanned stomach and her tiny black bra showed through it.

“Hey gorgeous, I am Mia,” she said and winked. Then she bent and whispered in my ear, “I have a bet with my friends that I would French kiss the first hot chick we will see here, so please play along.”

Before I could say something, or even set my book down, she put her lips on my own. I was so stunned that before I could react her hand slipped through the neck of my summer dress and expertly inside my bra to cup my breast. It was a ladies only evening at the cafe so there were only about six women in the cafe. I was surprised to find myself on my feet that felt like they were made of jelly and responding to her kiss. All the ladies cheered and whooped. When we broke free I was breathless and blushing to my roots.

I almost ran out of the cafe. As I walked the half mile between the cafe and my hotel, I turned back and saw her following me. She walked like a predator, sure, and was stalking me like her prey. A handbag carried over one shoulder was the only feminine accessory on her.

She caught up with me in the elevator and again attacked me. She pinned my hands over my head and pressed me to the wall as her tongue darted deep in my mouth. This time I too responded and touched her tongue with mine. Her shirt was open so her tiny breasts pressed to my own larger, but slightly sagging ones. She was shorter and definitely weaker than me. I could have pushed her away easily, but there was something about the self-assured way with which she made her moves that made her irresistible.

We stumbled together in my room and Mia pushed me so hard on the bed that I gave a surprised yelp. She raised my dress to my hips and yanked my granny panties down in one swift move. I screamed and sat up in bed. Mia showed surprising strength and pushed me back on bed. She planted her knees on either side of my waist and held my hands with one hand over my head.

“You like this don’t you doll?” she asked and bent to kiss me. Her mouth tasted of chewing gum and strong tobacco. Her hand moved to cup my breast with her as we kissed. This time I pushed my tongue against hers and weakly tried to free my arms.

“Won’t you behave darling?” she said and pulled the scarf I had around my neck. She took both my wrists and tied them to the bedpost with the scarf.

I am letting a skinny chick to tie me to my damn bedpost, I thought and tried to choke back the crazy laughter.

I felt her hands working the buttons of my dress and the expertly undo my bra hook. Mia took my right breast in her palm and kneaded it while her mouth went to work on my left nipple. I was so sore and tender and full there. I sighed and arched my back. Mia took her time kissing my nipples alternately before moving down to kiss my stomach. I was painfully aware of the small roll of fat there but my young lover did not seem to care.

She slowly licked my navel and my sides and then climbed down from bed to sit on her knees between my spread legs. She touched my cuntlips with her finger. I screamed and tried to close my legs. Mia without any warning slapped the inside of my thigh quite hard. I screamed hard as tears sprang to my eyes.

“Did I say you could close your thighs doll?” she asked in a hard voice and forced my thighs apart. She held my ankles and kissed my calves. That is one part of my body I have never been kissed before and I found the sensation different and heady.

Mia moved up, taking her time. Her moves were practiced, deliberate. She seemed to be in no hurry while I was close to orgasiming for the first time already. There was another electric shock moment when she kissed the underside of my knees (ladies, if you have not been kissed there, you must ask your partner. It is magic!).

She again climbed in bed and stroked the spot where she had hit me. I was moaning and trying to move my hips. A weird moment when we looked in each other’s eyes. My eyes pleaded, hers seemed strangely disconnected. She discarded her shirt and reached behind to unhook her brassiere. It came off to show her tea cup sized breasts. Her nipples were only half erect.

She is so in control.

She moved up and kissed my lips. I responded and tried to free my hands. She shook her head and stroked the area just above my vagina with her hand. The touch was feathery light and it sent shock waves through my body.

“Mia… please…. Ohhhhh,” I was moaning and thrashing my legs. She kept that maddening stroking, careful not to touch my vagina and touching within a centimetre of it for more than a minute. I was feeling faint with arousal now.

Finally, blissfully Mia positioned herself on her knees again and put her lips on my cunt. Her tongue touching there was like an electric shock again. I tried to sit up but could not due ato my hands tied over my head.

I thrust my ample hips at her as her tongue began to explore the depths of my cunt. I always thought my ex-boyfriend was better than average in eating a girl, but the sensation of having your body explored by a woman was out of the world. Mia went to work on me and soon picked pace. I was wiggling and finally managed to untie my hands.

I sat up and stroked her hair. She looked up and said “Did I say you could sit doll?” and made me lie on my back again. Her tongue now explored the depths of my cunt while her hands played with my breasts and their hard as pebble nipples. The orgasm when it eventually came, nearly left me unconscious. It got better when my lover mounted me, pinned my legs with hers and again kissed my mouth hard. I responded hungrily while our hands explored each other’s smooth bodies.

Lying entwined like that, I told her everything about my boyfriend, about how he abandoned me when I was at my most vulnerable. Mia listened without a comment. She was smoking a fat cigar as I talked my heart out.

“You know what you need doll?” she finally asked touching my right breast lightly,

“What?” I asked shyly.

Mia rolled on top of me again and kissed me in her usual slow, luxurious fashion.

“You need love doll, you need a guy to make you feel all girlie, weak and submissive,” as she spoke, she grinded her middle against mine. The way my body responded was an admission that Mia was telling the truth. I kissed her back and hid my face in her small breasts.

The weekend had just started. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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