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The Stylish Wanderer

At just fifteen-years-old, this LA based fashion blogger, known only by the moniker “The Stylish Wanderer,” has already made impressive inroads in the fashion and entertainment industries. She has modeled in various major label campaigns, was invited last year to attend NYC Fashion Week, and can currently be seen in a TV commercial airing nationwide. She also runs the popular fashion blog

Can you tell us about some of the opportunities you’ve been given as a result of your growing presence in the fashion blogging world?
Oh, I’ve met so many great people, and I got to go to New York Fashion Week last fall as well. I model at American Apparel because of [it], and I just launched a campaign with Forever 21 –– it came out September 13th –– which is probably the coolest thing ever!

Wow, that’s some major success! How’d you do it?
I started almost at the beginning, when fashion blogs were just getting started. There weren’t as many blogs then and it was more of a friendly community. Now I think it’s way more competitive.

What’s changed since your earlier blogging days?
I definitely think the quality of the posts. I’ve gotten a better camera and better lenses. I also think my writing style has changed.

Are there any early posts you look  at and think, “Why did I ever think that looked okay?”
Oh, definitely! It takes every ounce of my being not to delete them. But they show how much I’ve grown, which I think is key for blogs. Blogs are about being current, and it’s definitely a good quality to show that you’re always moving and ever changing, never staying dormant.

The Stylish Wanderer

What people/places/eras inspire your personal style?
I really love men’s styles from the 1800s, and then the flapper era of the 1920s. The pretty, feminine dresses of the 30s/40s, the mod time of the 60s and the earthy feel of the 70s. I love Audrey Hepburn and I love the Olsen twins. As far as places, Swedish street style blogs are very inspiring.

What’s your least favorite thing to see someone wearing?
I really don’t like seeing people who look like they’ve stepped right out of an 80s teen movie.

What does your family think of the success of  TheStylishWanderer
They are very, very supportive. Mostly, they delight in how incredible the whole blogging world is.

Seems like all the press you’ve received refers to you as “The Stylish Wanderer” – sans name. Why the mystique?
It’s strictly about privacy. My mom doesn’t want me out in the Internet too much. And in the end, why does the name matter, really? It’s about the clothes, it’s about the photography, it’s about the places, it’s about the food. It’s not about my name.

What’s the greatest thing you’ve been sent from the fashion world?
I received a beautiful pink silk batwing shirt from ADAM. It was right off the runway and such a well made piece. It was so beautifully wrapped! I also love all the denim people send me. Genetic Denim has sent me my favorite pairs of skinny jeans in the past, and most recently Hudson sent over an incredible pair of bell bottoms that I have yet to post.

… and the most horrendous?
I got this polyester white dress/sack/thing that was just awful. It couldn’t look good on anyone.

Excited for Fall Fashion Week?
Yes, I am! Although, I’m happy not to be in NYC this year. It’s such a hectic time, fashion week. It’s definitely not as glamorous as people think it would be. Unless you’re someone like Anna Wintour, you’re basically a nobody at fashion week, and treated as such.

If you could have one piece from the wardrobe of any style icon, living or dead, who would it be and what would you take?
Marion Cotillard wore a Jean Paul Gaultier mermaid gown to the 2007 Academy Awards. I would die to own it.

The Stylish Wanderer

What’s driving you nuts these days?
The words “fashionista” and “recessionista.”

What song can you not stop playing?
Buried in Water by Dead Man’s Bones. I love Ryan Gosling…

E-books. Love or loathe?
Love! I bought an iPad partly so I could read several books at one time without having to carry them all separately.

…Such as?
The Crucible, A Room With a View, The Importance of Being Earnest, and The Great Gatsby.

You’re in a Verizon commercial! Trying to break into the acting world?
I love acting. That’s mostly where my heart lies. Actually, what’s funny is that I was approached for the commercial because of my blog.

Which September issue do you most enjoy reading?

The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate, “Le Cadeau Ring”.

Elle or W. Or Vogue… or Teen Vogue. Basically, any of those! September issues are the best.

Anything great we should know about?
Oh, yes! I recently collaborated with the jewelry designer Mr. Kate on this stunning ring. It’s the coolest ring in my entire jewelery collection, so wearable and so awesome.

If you were going to be on Larry King Live, what would you wear?
Something classic and something silk… Probably a little black dress.

If you were to interview yourself, what would you make sure to find out?
What I want to do when I grow up. I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that I want to be in the fashion industry when I’m older. As of right now, I really don’t. I have a lot of other passions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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